Tenacious D Guitar Picks from Steve Clayton Inc. USA


Functional Pick Necklace

Look great wearing it, sound even better playing it. This official functional guitar pick necklace comes straight to you from The Greatest Motion Picture of All Time - "Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny".

Functional Pick

Now you can have your very own official functional replica of the Pick of Destiny! Just like in the movie, this pick will help you become the ultimate rock star. This unique pick has three different edges to play with and is made of Delrin for ultimate strength.

Now available in 3 gauges!

LED Light-Up Necklace

This necklace is a replica of the Pick of Destiny necklace worn by Jack Black in the movie. It has a beaded leather string and an on/off switch to make it glow.

Replica Guitar Pick

You too can now have your very own exact replica of the Pick of Destiny from the hilarious movie. A great collectable for any Tenacious D fan!

Tenacious D Guitar Picks

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