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Maximize Your Design Space

Here at Clayton, we love to see the different designs that our customers submit to go on our custom guitar picks. Sometimes we notice that people want to include a lot of information on their picks, or they have a design that has a lot of detail and takes up quite a bit of space. We know that guitar picks are small, and sometimes it is hard to cram everything you want into a small space. This is why we wanted to offer a solution to the problem; learn how to maximize your guitar pick design space!! The first move is to choose the rounded triangle shape. Of course, the shape of a pick can be a personal preference for guitarists, but if you are focusing on the design aspect, the rounded triangle picks, like the ones shown here, will definitely give you the most design space. We offer rounded triangle in our acetal, white pearl, ultem, colored delrin, and colored pearl picks. Then, if you want even a little more space, choose the full bleed option in the website designer. This allows your design to run all the way to the edge of the pick, instead of having a border. All three picks shown in the image below are full bleed rounded triangle designs. Visit our custom design site to try out these options with your guitar pick art!

Spotlight Pick Art

Shown here is an example of a design that is so cool that we could not resist showing it off in our blog. These are full bleed, two-sided rounded triangle acetal picks, and we thought that the art was perfect for this type of pick. At Steve Clayton, we are known for being able to produce some pick designs that can be pretty detailed and rich in color, and we  often have customers that submit high quality photos or art that they want to put on a guitar pick. The art for these picks was created by Richard Salcido. He is an artist from San Diego, and his art has been inspired by comic books and graffiti seen on streets and in magazine ads. In the past decade, he has had exhibitions all over the country, and now his art is on Clayton picks! If you would like to have a look at more of his work, you can visit We are always ready to get some more great designs like this to print on custom guitar picks, so if you would like to try out some of your own artwork in our website guitar pick designer, visit!

Acetal Overbleeds

Recently at Steve Clayton, Inc., we have received really nice designs for our acetal picks. We had a recent blog review of our acetal picks, and the picks shown here are examples of how your favorite pick can work really well with your favorite design! Overbleed, or full bleed picks are simply picks that do not have a border around the edge of the design. Our acetal picks are known for working well with photo designs, because they are grainy and semi-transparent, so they can support designs with lots of color and detail. This means that they can also be a great choice of material for intricate artwork, such as the designs shown in the photo. Even though these designs have a high amount of contrast between dark and light shades, everything is balanced and the art stretches evenly all the way to the edge of the picks. Thanks Clayton customers, for giving us such awesome designs to work with! Try out your art or photo on our picks at