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Primera Edicion

This Venezuelan band integrated for: Leo Borges (bass guitar), Ricardo Sosa (guitar and vocals), Daniel Vargas (drums) and Enrique Márquez (guitar and synthesizers) began its musical trajectory in the year 2001. In the year 2003, 1st Edition emphasizes for his participation in the  National school band contest organized by the “Fundacion Nuevas Bandas” (, throwing them as indisputable winners of that year. In 2004, the band was invited to be part of a CD compilation of the prestigious magazine “Platano Verde” ( with the song “Alguna Vez”. The same year 1st Edition took part in a contest organized by the television channel “Puma TV”, where there were selected 30 bands of the whole country so that by means of a song the public would had to vote for his favorite, 1st edition again was selected as the winning band, achieving hours of recording in Rock and Folk Studios. In the year 2006, 1st Edition was chosen to represent the national talent as the opening band for the prestigious Californian band, NOFX in their concert in Caracas.
In 2007 1st Edition was part of the lineup of bands that played in the URBE magazine awards ( For 2008 1st Edition releases their first studio album “Es Tiempo De Actuar ”, considered by URBE magazine as “ a collection of radial singles ”, placing 3 of them in the different juvenile broadcasting stations of the country, where the song “Creeme” came up to the position number 1 of the top ten of  “La Mega 107.3 FM” (, and having a record of permanence of more than 12 weeks in the count. This same year the band goes on a national tour as support and promotion of their album, achieving this way a major attention and national expansion. In turn in the same epoch the band takes part in ” Battle of The Bands Warped tour 2008 ” where it obtains the attention of the American public being one of the bands with major acceptance from the visitors and fans. By the ends of the year “ Es Tiempo De Actuar” whas nominated in the first round of the Grammys Awards 2008 on the category of “ Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album ” this came along with creating an alliance with “ Ingenious Records “ in Miami, Florida, bringing as consequence an internationalization of the work and talent of this band. Also the band creates important partnerships with “World Sound Bank” ( and “Pilla Discográfica” ( to carry out a special edition of “Es Tiempo De Actuar” where can be appreciated three new songs that the band includes to show their fans the new sound that will represent their second album, which is in recording process right now. By the ends of this year, 1st Edition happens to be a part of the important catalogue of bands supported by the prestigious brands such as Vans, Fender, Gretsch, Bad Cat Amps and Trailer Trash Pedalboards, being the first Venezuelan band provided with so important alliance. 1st Edition brings to us a proposal loaded with energy, naturalness, and charisma that characterizes them both in their music and staging.The motivation of this band is as well as arises for obtaining the music that truly defines them, an innovative, high quality and captivating sound.

For more on the band check out their Facebook, they have been endorsed with us since 2010.

David Gallegos

From soft and mellow to fiery and passionate, the music of David Gallegos is an all acoustic, instrumental latin new age / nuevo flamenco style. David, having picked up the guitar at the age of 13, has been playing well over 27 years now. Originally playing rock and metal for the greater portion of his career, David eventually began listening to and writing music with a softer, more emotional touch. In 2003, he decided to branch off from the progressive metal writing with his band, Power of Omens, and begin work on his first full-length latin new age CD. At that time, already a 12 year veteran to the music industry, David had 2 internationally released CDs, a contribution to a Queensryche tribute CD, and as a guest artist on one of Sony Recording Tejano Artists, Eddie Gonzales’ CD under his belt. He took his experience and decided to write, record, design, and release his first solo CD completely on his own. After a year of hard work, the CD, ‘Mis Recuerdos’ was finally self-released in the Fall / Winter of 2004. Now with a completed CD, and the desire to begin showcasing his music, David became a member of BMI in 2005, and decided to move from his home in San Antonio to Dallas, where he felt he would have better opportunities playing out and getting recognition for his music. Since the beginning of 2006, his band has aggressively begun to play out. From wine bars and bistros to restaurants and festivals. As regulars at various venues through out the DFW area, his band also became a sought after act for festivals as well, such as the Morton Meyerson Symphony Hall’s Hispanic Festival in Dallas’ beautiful art district 3 years in a row and Ft. Worth’s Musicarte Festival in Sundance Square. After four long years since the release of his first CD, David finally released his follow up CD, Mi Rosa Blanca in the early part of 2009. Inspired by love and passion, this CD combines traditional flamenco rhythms with serene new age melodies to create an ambient soundscape with a Latin flare. With this new CD in pocket, there is so much in store for David and his band… so keep a look out for him, and always check his websites for upcoming events and happenings.

Check out more about David and his music by clicking here. David has been endorsed with us since 2010.

New Endorsed Artists

We have just endorsed Trepid, Hero’s for Hire, and Night By Night. Trepid is a rock band that is bases in Louisiana. Brian and David have been using our guitar picks for 5 years. Trepid has shared the stage with The Event Horizon, Rockhouse, South of Heaven, Dorian’s Fall and national act Motley Crude (Uncrowned). Visit their site to listen to their music by clicking here.

Hero’s for Hire is a pop/punk/alternative band located in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. These guys really have a great sense of humor and you can see that by reading their bio on their myspace (totally hilarious)! They have been using our white delrin standard picks for about 2 years now.

Night by Night is a classic rock band hailing from London, UK…I really like that they are a more modern type of classic rock (didn’t know that was possible :)). They are a band all ages can enjoy, I really loved their song “Can’t walk away” check it out at their myspace.

The new way to scratch your lottery tickets!

We just got done with a very large order for the California Lottery. These were printed with white ink on our baby blue celluloid material. untitled-1This material is offered on larger orders, and it’s available in many other colors. If you are interested in pricing or more information please give us a call and we would be happy to assist you with your questions. After we ran these picks I realized that picks are a handy tool to use to on my scratch it lottery tickets. It’s amazing how versatile guitar picks can actually be! What are some of the things you use your guitar picks for other then pickin’? We’d love to hear your answers! 🙂