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Sworn Us Under

Dean and Chris of Sworn us Under have been endorsed with us since 2010…here is a little more about the band:

Heavy Metal Band “SWORN US UNDER” is a fresh sound of Metal Riffs and Daunting Vocals with a taste of Headbanging Grooves and a touch of Lead Playing Finesse from Guitar Duo Dean Mestas and Chris Gordon. Sharing the Syncopated and often times Melodic, ear-friendly experience are: Mark Walker on Drums, Lala Burchard on Bass Guitar and Dante Dominion on Vocals. Though the band has only been together for 2 years, they have earned a following in their native Grand Junction, Colorado sharing the stage with big name acts OTEP, Cephalic Carnage and From Sword to Sunrise. The band has gained local awareness in part thanks to an appearance in local Tattoo Artist’s Paul Roberts and Dave Bacon of Tattmandu Tattoo Shop’s T.V. Commercial. After several Live sold out shows the owners of the Tattoo Shop approached Sworn Us Under with their interest in working with the band on the Commercial. The band now enjoys permanent sponsorships with Tattmandu and a Local, Hip-Trendy Clothing Store TRENDS.
Along, with the T.V. appearances and numerous Live Shows, the band gets regular airplay from local Alternative Radio Station 91.3 KMSA. The band is the #1 Metal Band pick for the local station whenever it puts on a Live Show at local venues.
With a hard working attitude and dedication to their craft, Sworn Us Under are ready to explode their Unique Metal Sound on to the Masses!!

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Scarred by Beauty

Daniel and Asser of Scarred by Beauty just recently became endorsed by us! Scarred by Beauty is a metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark. They have a playful attitude towards writing that allows them to find a truly special way of doing what they do best! Through the last three years they have gone from being just another name in Copenhagen’s underground into the strong live act they are today, as well as Danish Metal Awards winners. The band was formed by Dennis Leszkowicz and Jonathan Albrechtsen in 2006.

Love Metal? Check out their Myspace for more of Scarred by Beauty!

Mickaël of Minushuman

We are happy to announce Mickaël of MINUSHUMAN is now one of our new endorsees.

Mickaël plays bass for the french metal/thrash/rock band MINUSHUMAN. The band was founded by Thomas Billerey in 2007. I especially liked their video Liquid which you can watch on their Myspace, it is AWESOME! You can also check out their music on their myspace page. Here is what Mickaël had to say about our products: “I’m delighted to become a member of the big and wonderful Clayton family. Joining the ranks of bass players like Danny Miranda (Blue Öyster Cult, Queen, Meat Loaf) or Robert Kearns (Lynyrd Skynyrd) is an honor. Just like them,Steve Clayton Inc.picks and accessories are invaluable classics, strong and reliable.”

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We are very excited about our new endorsee’s from the band GrimWolf.  Brent, Ehren, and Justin all use our products and now have an endorsement with us. GrimWolf is an “American Werewolf Metal” band and I have to agree, that pretty much describes them perfectly. Their band totally embraces the “werewolf” feel, just take a look at their website and myspace. I really liked the song “Immortal Beloved”, had super awesome lyrics and the vocals paired with the music is just simply put killer! And the guitar in the song “Full Moon Draw” whoah! Talk about amazing! Definently visit their myspace or website and check them out,  you will not be disappointed!

Brotherhood of the Lake

We received another set of contracts back from Glasstone Records, this one is for the band Brotherhood of the Lake. They are located in Plymouth, United l_ebf6f56f712645668d2a3417adf339dbKingdom. This band is considered metal/rock/hardcore. While listening to their press kit I definitely got the idea that they were a heavy metal band. Which it was great to hear for a change, since we’ve been receiving mostly rock/punk/country press kits lately, which of course is just as great! We like variety around here, music is music, right? We are more then interested in reviewing all stages of bands, and in endorsing new bands. If you are interested in an endorsement and use our products you can mail us a press kit to:

Steve Clayton Inc.

Attn: Endorsement Relations

201 Rogue River Pkwy

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