White Delrin or Acetal?

November 12th, 2012 by Amber J. | Leave a response

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It is hard to tell which pick is right for you with all the different materials that are available. We get asked a lot here in the custom pick department what the difference between Acetal or White Delrin is so we thought today we would point out the differences :-). Delrin and Acetal are essentially the same material. However, there are two separate patents/blends for this plastic.   The harder blend and the pigment of our Delrin picks will create a brighter tone, whereas Acetal produces a softer, warm tone. Now that we sorted out the difference in sound, what will the imprint difference be? Acetal has a matte finish and is an opaque white so images will look softer. Acetal is also a great material to get photographs printed on. White Delrin is a bright white semi-glossy pick which will make designs look bright and really pop.  It really all depends on personal preference but we hope this helps. If you are still unsure we offer samples of our picks just give us a call at 1-877-752-9484 to discuss/order samples.

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