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Vic Rivera

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Products used: Acetal Small Teardrop 1.00mm

“I have been a hardcore user of Steve Clayton Picks since 1998 and could never imagine playing with any other pick on the market. These picks make a huge difference in tone, they have unparalleled grip and their durability is off the chart. They are as important a part of my playing and sound as any other piece of gear in my arsenal. Simply put, Steve Clayton picks are the best anyone could ever hope to play with – bar none!”

Vic Rivera is a New York-based guitarist/multi-intrumentalist, songwriter and producer, best known as the principal songwriter, guitarist and producer of Adriangale (partnering with Jamie Rowe of Christian hard rockers Guardian on lead vocals). He is also known for his associations with singer Ted Poley of Danger Danger (on Ted’s solo releases and with Poley/Rivera). In addition, he has contributed as a songwriter, musician and producer for Christian rockers Liberty N Justice, a collaborative project on which he has worked with members of Warrant, Stryper, Twisted Sister, Enuff Z’Nuff, among others. Both as a guitarist and songwriter, he is regarded for a style emphatic on melody and pop-influenced arrangements, complementing the hard rock genre he works with most often.