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Tim “Too Slim” Langford

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Products used: Black Celluloid, Standard, 0.80mm gauge with Too Slim and the Taildraggers Logo, Inner-Lock Straps

“I use Clayton Picks because I love the feel and I can customize with the bands logo. I also like the Inner-Lock straps because I don’t have to alter the strap holders on my guitar!”

If Tim “Too Slim” Langford only played slide he would slither around most other blues guitarists and put a ferocious bite on their pride. However, as the sole six-string slinger, main songster and lead singer of the power trio he founded in 1986 in Seattle, Washington, he is a total force of nature. Leaving musical tracks for others to try and follow with now 16 albums and countless gigs, he remains as untamed and menacing as ever.

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