Artists: S-W

Shawn David Anderson

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Products used:
Clayton “glow-in-the-dark” custom guitar picks (351 shape), Brass Socket slide, Heavy Wall glass slide, Pro Shine polish

“Steve Clayton makes the most durable and musical picks on the planet!”

Shawn David Anderson is a professional guitarist who spends his time performing, composing, recording and teaching. He has played thousands of gigs as a “hired gun”, and many others leading various band and projects. Some notable venues include Paul Brown Stadium, Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati Gardens, Aaronoff Center for the Arts, C.B.G.B.’s/O.M.F.U.G. (NYC), WEBN Fireworks Headliner (twice) and Paul Colby’s Bitter End (NYC). His television credits include appearances on WLWT, WXIX, WCPO, WB Network, Public Access and other cable and satellite stations. Radio appearances have been heard on WEBN, WLW, WTUE, WAIF, the MOJO, B105, 96Rock and 97X.

Shawn is also a prolific composer who was given a songwriting contract by Grammy©-nominated producer Joe Winter. He began teaching for a living at the age of 15 when he was spotted by the owner of a local music store who hired him on the spot. Since then he has given innumerable private lessons and several hundred clinics and seminars at music stores, schools and conservatories. Shawn now has his own website dedicated to providing free online lessons on an international scale.