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Shawn Bowen

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Products used:
Clayton custom picks

“I love my Clayton Custom guitar picks!!! Top quality, plus with custom logo printing they make for great calling cards…and mine glow in the freakin’ dark!”

I currently have 2 active bands… “World Collision”, and “Didges Christ SuperDrum”….

Here is a World Collision video link:

Here is a Didges Christ SuperDrum link with a wicked guitar solo…:-) You can see why I like the uv reactive picks in this one…

World Collision’s Facebook:

Didges Christ SuperDrum’s Facebook:

I also happen to be a multi-instrumentalist and was recently asked to do a blog for Modern Drummer by it’s editor as I play drums in addition to guitar and many other instruments:

Oh, also, I forgot to add, we have and as well for links.