Artists: G-L

Lou Tambone

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Products Used: Clayton Custom White Delrin Standard 0.80mm picks.

“The picks are tough enough on their own but the fact that I can customize them is icing on the musical cake.”

Lou Tambone is a musician and multi-instrumentalist from Northern New Jersey. He plays with a plethora of local original and cover acts and also maintains a solo act where he writes the songs, sings, and plays guitar.

On Clayton: “While looking for some cool rewards for my latest Kickstarter campaign, I came across Steve Clayton’s customizable picks. They are tough, affordable, and feel great! I customized a bunch and used them as rewards. People loved them. I’ll be using them from now on and giving them away at shows.”

When not performing or rehearsing, Lou is a web designer and freelance writer as well as a husband and father.