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Einar Pedersen of Kelly Clarkson

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Products used: Clayton custom picks

“I’ve been using Clayton picks for years. I’ve always liked the feel, and they don’t get shredded by big bass strings. Throw in the custom editor, and it’s a no-brainer. Definitely the best full color printing I’ve seen, and they made the editor really easy to use.”

A New Orleans native and naturalized Texan, Einar spent years in the Texas scene with bands like 90’s Houston prog-rock trio The Awful Truth; singer / songwriters like Kacy Crowley and Jeff Klein; and Austin’s psychedelic power pop group Goudie. Relocating to Los Angeles, Einar spent time with artists like Everything is Energy, Feersum Ennjin, Secretary Bird, The Dan Band, Alissa Moreno, Rob Giles, and his primary gig of the last 6 years….. Kelly Clarkson.

Now with home being back in Austin, Einar splits time with the likes of Pat Green, Skyrocket, Stone Wheels, and others when he’s not on the road with Kelly.