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Vito A. Galati

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Currently a Professional Artist, self-titled Vito A.Galati I, Archangel I have played professionally for over 25 years….started my love of the guitar and music at the age of 5. At the Age of 21 went off to find the starlight of rock and roll, I was with several Professional acts, Had toured Extensively for a few years, worked with a few Signed artists over a period of 15 years, all the while suffering under a conviction that ,I really was not using my ability for the one who created it to begin with.

I broke away in early 90’s with a act Archangel, I felt a calling to finally remove myself from the life of secular, and begin to use my gift of music and guitar, for God. released a few CD’s between that period of time, into early 2005, when 2 more CD’s were released, changing over from mainstream to pretty much only Christian, in 2012 I was led to change the act to self titled Vito Archangel, but knew It was a process, finally at current, I have changed my act name to who I am , Vito A Galati I, a process that has taken over 30 years to get to.