Artists: M-R

Rachel Rekkit

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Products used: Clayton Orange Duraplex .60 mm picks

Rekkit says- “Clayton Duraplex picks are the best I’ve ever played. I used to carve nicks and grooves into my picks so quickly that I would get caught on them during a solo and have to throw them to the crowd out of necessity because they were useless. Now with Claytons, I toss my picks when I feel like it or see a fan with that look in their eye. Not because I have to get rid of this thing that is slowing my playing down. Clayton Duraplex picks have serious staying power”

After taking the Midwest by storm with their debut album then signing with RadicLea Records and a  new album called “Punks In Amerika” coming out in Fall 2015, Detroit-based Punk-Metal Powerhouse CrashDollz are poised to take over in 2016. Watch for CrashDollz super high-energy shows, unique songs and menacing female punk attitude on tour in 2016!