Custom Guitar Picks

Pretty Pearls

April 19th, 2010 by Melissa B. | Leave a response

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Here at Steve Clayton, Inc., one of the pick materials that we offer for custom pick design is white pearl. White pearl is a white pick that has a marbleized quality to it, with a shiny/glossy finish instead of being a flat color. Our custom white pearls are available in six different gauges and in both standard and rounded triangle shapes. We have noticed that designs with a lot of color tend to look especially eye-catching on our white pearl picks. Some examples are shown in the photo below. Some customers choose to have white pearl designs that are overbleed, meaning that there is not a border around the edge of the design. We have also noticed that designs with a gradient, or fadeout of color, look very appealing on the white pearl picks because the fadeout blends so well into the background of the pick. So, if you are planning a pick design that has a lot of bright color or shading in it, take a look at these picks and maybe you will decide that white pearl is the best choice for your design too!