Custom Guitar Picks

Pretty Pearls

February 7th, 2011 by Melissa B. | Leave a response

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We wanted to draw some attention to these very nice, classy-looking pick designs that we have received recently. The pick on the right is one of our white pearl picks, which is a marbleized, glossy finish pick. The design is very elegant, and was created for a wedding, so our pearl material was a perfect choice. The pick on the left is a colored pearl pick, created for a jewelry store. They were looking for a gold color pick, and we were able to custom match the color according to their specifications, and we thought that they came out very nicely. Seeing these two pick designs together, and how the colors of the picks and the designs compliment each other gave us a good idea to share with you. If you are celebrating a wedding or other formal event that you are planning to use custom picks for, choosing both our white pearl picks and our colored pearl picks is a great way to go. Both picks have the beautiful marble quality, and the design for the white pearl picks can be matched with the color of the other picks, just like the two picks shown in the image. If you would like to try out this idea, you can place multiple orders at Start designing today!