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Pick of the Week — Kyle Reed

November 9th, 2011 by Melissa B. | Leave a response

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This week’s Pick of the Week was made for musician, singer, songwriter and band leader, Kyle Reed. The genres of Kyle’s music include Alternative and Acoustic. His label is Indie. “Kyle travels pretty much everywhere with several beat up notebooks containing pieces of his life in the form of songs and lyrics. Some of the songs contained in these notebooks see the light of day quite often while others not so much, some are works in progress, some are just sketches and some stand right up and get your attention, top all that with excellent musicianship, an ear for melody and an uncanny knack for arranging and you have well crafted, musically engaging songs that capture your attention and burn their way into your memory banks. An up and coming singer/songwriter, Kyle Reed is pushing his way into the music world, playing 4-6 shows a week with his band or solo and writing music whenever he can… currently in the studio working on a album which he hopes to release this coming spring. For more info… please check out news feeds to see what’s up with Kyle Reed!”!/pages/Kyle-Reed-Band/216181001758585 We chose Kyle’s pick this week because we like the classic style of his design. He used a black background against our acetal material guitar picks, and it turned out really nicely. You can create and order your own custom picks today at!