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Monster Picks

July 22nd, 2010 by Melissa B. | Leave a response

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We wanted to show off some new designs that have recently been submitted for custom pick orders by Clayton customers. These are some highly detailed, very colorful designs that all came out really well on our picks. We liked that, even though these picks were ordered by different people, they all used artistic monster designs with similar colors of blue, grey and red that combine together for a great color trio. Despite the fact that these picks have similar designs, they were all created for different types of guitar pick materials. It is a good way for us to show off the materials that we offer that can support full color designs. The pick on the far left is a white pearl, which is a marbleized, glossy finish pick. The marbleized quality helps to bring out the different shads of blue in the design. The middle pick is acetal, which is a semi-transparent white pick. The acetal pick is great for full bleed designs like this one with a lot of detail. We also recommend acetal picks for photos. The pick on the right is a white delrin pick. The bright white of the white delrin will make the colors of the design pop out, and delrins are perfect for two-sided designs. Try out your custom pick design today on our website: Clayton Custom.