Custom Guitar Picks

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June 21st, 2010 by Melissa B. | Leave a response

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These are some really nice designs that we have received from our customers lately that utilize the colors black, white, and red. We find that this trio can make for some really nice art since the colors compliment each other so well. Shown here are three acetal picks and a white delrin. The  white delrin pick sports a school mascot, so the colors of the school are already black and red and they pop really well against the bright white of the picks. It just goes to show that custom picks can be used for anything, even to show school spirit!! We wanted to draw some extra attention to the pick with a checkerboard pattern on it. This is a great use of our overbleed option for custom design, and we love how they turned out. It is a double sided printing, with just a subtle design change between the front and the back that adds some interest to the art. Thanks Clayton customers, for giving us such great designs to work with! Try out your black, red and white design on our custom site today!