Custom Guitar Picks

Bright Colors, Black Picks

April 29th, 2010 by Melissa B. | Leave a response

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Black celluloid picks are one of the newer materials that Steve Clayton, Inc. has provided for custom guitar picks. Black celluloids are a smooth material, with a slightly glossy finish. They are available in three gauges; thin (.5), medium (.8), and heavy (1mm).  Most designs created for black celluloid picks are white only, so we decided to draw attention to some of the full color designs that have been created recently. We find that red is another popular choice for designs on black celluloid picks, and bright red stands out really well against the black background. Anything bold and bright will look fantastic on the black picks, such as the Simon Sez picks shown in the image here. Hot pink can also look great to add some flare to a design. Visit to play around with some bright color designs on our black celluloid picks!