Ultimate Guitar.com songwriting contest!

We are sponsoring a contest being held by one of our endorsed artists Kole on ultimateguitar.com. The contest consists of using the m7b5sus4 chord, you are to come up with the most unique chord progression possible. Entries will be judged on how idiomatic the composition is, solidarity of harmonic functions, melodic shape, creativity, and a unique/identifiable rhythm. The prizes include 100 free custom picks, guitar polish, a guitar strap (From Us ūüôā ), and a Free 60 Minute Songwriting Lesson to the Grand Prize Winner! For more information check out:


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Mick Madness

Mick Madness was recently endorsed with us! Mick Madness grew up on the streets of southwest Detroit, Michigan. He began playing the violin at the tender age of 5. He hit the stage for his first violin solo at 7, and the passion for performing live had begun. After several years of playing in the school orchestra, Mick discovered the guitar. Along with chorus class and his new obsession with the electric guitar his songwriting skills were realized. Guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Steve Vai were a big influence on Mick’s style. Mick has performed in over 2 thousand shows in the past decade and continues to make a living in the music business. Mick is a one man hit machine capable of doing it all. His latest release is a result of experiences from living in and around the Detroit area. Mick Madness has an aggressive new view on self expression in rock. Guitar driven rock with short brilliant leads and an unforgettable sound.


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Tenacious D Contest!

Just in case you missed our Facebook post we wanted to share with you that we are having a Tenacious D contest! This is in honor of their recording their next album :). To enter you just need to go to our Facebook and find the post about our Tenacious D contest, comment and your done. Hurry up because the winner will be chosen on Monday! Winners will receive: a pack of Pick of Destiny guitar picks, a Tenacious D replica, and a Tenacious D LED necklace. ūüôā So let us know your favorite!

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Pick of the Week – Young & Desperate

This week we have a Rounded Triangle Yellow Delrin pick for the band Young & Desperate.  They are a female fronted Dutch band. They recently won a big national Dutch band contest Make More Music. This band is known for their amazing live performances. Their first national single is recorded with Michel van Schie (Anouk, Van Velzen, Evers Slaat Door, and many, many more). Their MySpace (http://myspace.com/youngdesperate) provide a great way to keep in touch with the band. Also make sure to check out their website for additional information on the band. www.young-desperate.nl. They have a really neat video, check it out below!

Ross Coppley Band

We recently endorsed Ross Coppley, Ricky Alexander, Andrew Williamson, and Randy Harper of the Ross Coppley Band. The Ross Coppley Band is a country/rock group from Georgia. They are one of the most energetic and entertaining live bands country fans have ever seen! To check out more of the band and listen to their music you can visit their facebook or myspace. Also, you can check out more about the Ricky here, Andrew here, and Randy here.

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Anger Within

We recently endorsed Wulf Morris of the band Anger Within. Wulf provides the lead vocals/guitar. He has been using our Green Delrin picks for over a year now. Anger Within just released their “Fiction To Reality” 4 song EP. ¬†This is the band’s 2nd release, for the New Zealand based label, SATANICA PRODUCTIONS/RECORDS! ¬†The EP was exclusively recorded for the label, & will only be available for purchase, through the label’s online store, (via Pay-Pal!) ¬†The EP was recorded earlier in the year, at Virtual Adrenaline Studios, (Lawrenceville, GA).

“ANGER WITHIN, fuses metal, hardcore, and militant, death-like vocals to create a brutal, non-compromising form of heavy thrash, guaranteed to excite open-minded audiences everywhere!

The live experience of ANGER WITHIN, has been compared to the energy of a SEPULTURA, NAPALM DEATH, or early-METALLICA show. The band has played at quite a few festivals & venues, in several states. Cities include, Pittsburgh PA, Uniontown PA, Charlottesville VA, Washington D.C., Martins Ferry OH, Fairmont WV, Grafton WV, Bridgeport WV, Clarksburg WV, Parkersburg WV, Huntington WV, Wheeling WV, and of course their hometown of Atlanta GA. The band has also performed with national touring acts such as, EXCRUCIATING PAIN, KARMA TO BURN, TWO MAN ADVANTAGE, BYZANTINE, THY WILL BE DONE, ORIGIN, SWORN ENEMY, DYING FETUS, KINGDOM OF SORROW, SOILENT GREEN, MADBALL, PRIMER 55, D.R.I., MALEVOLENT CREATION, & THE VAN’S WARPED TOUR, (ATLANTA,) just to name a few!

2008-2010, brings a new era, a new chapter for the band. With drummer Bob, (from the Mobile, AL based band, Dead Zone,) & bassist Andrew…the band plans to reinvent itself, into a better, heavier, uncompromising, steamrolling unit! With two killer 4 song E.P.’s finally recorded, (“26” by Brian Neely @ Ultragod Studios, & “Fiction To Reality by Ronnie Winstead @ Virtual Adrenaline Studios,) both being released by New Zealand based company, Satanica Records…Anger Within’s fight for world domination, rages on!”

Bands biography from their website, you can go to their website for more and to listen their music by clicking here.

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Pick of the Week – Bret Michaels

So pretty much everyone knows who Bret Michaels is.¬† If for some reason you don’t, he is the guy who is practically everwhere you look! He started his career as the lead singer of the metal band Poisen. He also starred in the hit shows, Rock of Love with Bret Michaels , its sequels, and was the winning contestant on NBC’s reality show Celebrity Apprentice 3.¬† He is also known for his signature bandanna.¬† Bret is an endorsed artist here at Clayton.¬† We have done a couple different picks for him, which are shown below.¬† Also below is a picture of him on stage using our picks. Currently Bret has a new show on VH1 called Bret Michaels: Life as I Know It., which is on Monday nights at 10/9 central, and repeats countless times a day on VH1. If you have not seen it yet please click this link to see a full episode of his amazing new reality show: http://www.vh1.com/shows/bret_michaels_life_as_i_know_it/series.jhtml Bret is also currently touring right now on his ROSES & THORNS TOUR. To check out if he is coming to a venue near you please check out his tour date schedule: http://www.bretmichaels.com/2010/schedule_files/schedule.htm

Pick of the Week – The Hi-Fins

We do tons and tons of picks with different flags from around the world on them.  This week we decided to feature a pick with a beautiful British flag on it, by the Hi-Fins.  We love how they incorporated their name in the pick with the a grunge looking graphic of the British Flag. This pick was printed on our Acetal material.

The Hi-Fins¬†are Montreal’s¬†Best British Invasion Tribute Band,they put on¬†very energetic “Mod Generation” performances!

With all 3 singing lead and harmonizing throughout, a power trio with a Big Sound!!

For more on The Hi-Fins, check out their MySpace site >www.myspace.com/thehifins
and Join them on  FaceBook!

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Video Contest – Awesome Prizes!

Just in case you missed out on our social network posts we wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to enter our current contest and win some free custom picks and more!

We want you to make a music vid about why you love Clayton Picks. ūüôā

Post it on Youtube with the words Steve Clayton USA in the title of the video.

Send a link to your video to Amber at ajamin at steveclayton dot com¬† (You know the drill on that one. Take out the spaces and put the proper symbols back in. We don’t have time to sort through spam! )

We’ll choose the finalists and then post the links to their videos and let you choose the winner.

Contest deadline is 12 Midnight PACIFIC (we’re on the West Coast okay?) November 1st. Less then a week left!

Length of video – No less than :30 and no more than 3:00 in length! We want you to have fun with it!

We want to hear from EVERYONE out there who loves Clayton Picks. Contest is WORLDWIDE and we expect to hear from our endorsed bands as well. ūüėČ We hope you’ll be leading the charge!

Grand prize is:

500 free custom guitar picks

1 leather guitar strap

1 Socket slide

5 packs of a variety of Clayton Picks

1 Pro Lemon and 1 Pro Shine Polish

We’ve also got some prize packs for runners up in the contest that you’re going to love.

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Halloween Sale! 10% off Custom Picks

Just in case you did not receive our newsletter, or see our facebook and twitter posts we wanted to share with you that we are having a sale! 10% off Custom Pick orders, to get the discount use FRIGHT99 (it is case sensitive). The sale ends October 28th at 11:59 pm (central). Also, if you did not receive our newsletter you can sign up here to receive emails with future promotions.

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Pick of the Week – Deadbeat Darling

This is a great logo on a great pick! This simple, yet creative logo looks so nice on our Acetal guitar pick. Below is a description all about Deadbeat Darling. “Equal parts mischief and bliss, eloquence and irreverence, Deadbeat Darling is a New York City-based rock band whose music shimmers with hints of dub and electronica, and has thus far inspired a rabid and eclectic¬† fanbase solely upon word of mouth. They released their debut full length album “Weight of Wandering”during the Summer of 2009, followed by a sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City and a run of album release shows throughout Texas and the Midwest…” To find out more about this band visit their website.¬† Also make sure to check out their creative video below.

Pick of the Week – Hourcast

This week we have a nice Acetal Rounded Triangle.  We love how the band Hourcast designed this pick. It looks just like their website! It has nice deep dark colors of black and red with a blue undertone. Hourcast is a rock band out of Boston.  They just released their new album Dystopia, and are currently on tour throughout the nation. To find out if they will be in a city near you visit their tour itenerary.

Pick of the Week – Sixteen Cities

This week we have an awesome White Delrin Guitar pick, with full color imprinting.¬† The bright colors of this graphic, look really sharp on this pick. Sixteen Cities is a really amazing pop-rock band from Portland, OR.¬† Not too far away from us here in Talent, OR.¬† This band, just recently had their album “Pray You Through” featured on a recent episode of the popular WB show “One Tree Hill”.¬† They are currently on tour with the band Remedy Drive, and will be touring all over the South and Midwest.¬† If you are in any of those areas, make sure to check out their tour schedule.¬† For more information on this band visit their website at: www.sixteencities.com or check them out on their Facebook page.


Recently endorsed band GodSpeed3 is a christian rock band from Mississippi.  Travis was born in Picayune, Mississippi. He grew up listening to Elvis Presley and watching his movies. He took up guitar and has been playing lead guitar for about 25 years now. He toured with a professional band who opened for artists like Lee Roy Parnell, The Kentucky Headhunters, Leann Rimes and Restless heart. When he isn’t playing guitar Travis likes to go camping, four wheel riding, watch movies, or play golf. Above all he relishes spending time with his wife and two children. John was born in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida but moved to Picayune, Mississippi when he was 4 years old. He did not start playing musical instruments until he picked up a guitar in seventh grade. John has developed a deep love for music. He has played and taught guitar for 16 years. Throughout school and college he played in several bands. One of his bands put out a CD in 2005, played in many famous venues and opened for Loverboy at six flags in New Orleans just days before Katrina hit. Unfortunately, the next few months were very challenging and the band disbanded. Travis called John years later to ask if he could fill in for their rhythm guitarist who was being deployed to the Middle East, and has been with the band since.

You can check GodSpeed3 out at their website, myspace and facebook.

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Pick of the Week – Dirty Dan’s Cool Rockin’ Daddies

This week we have a very colorful pearl pick by Dirty Dan’s Cool Rockin’ Daddies! The colors are so vibrant and pretty on this pick, it was a sure pick for our Pick of the Week! You have to check out their website at: http://www.dirtydanbuck.com/ The first thing you see is their logo (like their pick) creativly placed.¬† Then you have gotta love their slogan “They’re old, they’re angry, and they’ll rock your ass off!” Ha! Pretty funny :).¬† Anyway, Dirty Dan Buck, the band frontliner, used to be¬† in a band called The Boyzz from Illinoizz, which was a late 1970’s band.¬† They were very successful and have worked with tons of huge artists including Areosmith and Meatloaf. Dirty Dan is now with his new band “Cool Rockin’ Daddies” which features Tadd King (quite the guitarist!) playing guitar, Joe Gagliardo playing bass, Jimmi Perrino on keyboard, and Scott Kelly on drums.¬† They perform at festivals and concerts throughout the region, and feature a hard rocking’ R&B experience. They recently played on the top of a 166 ft river boat on the Illinois River in Seneca, IL for the club H2O. I put a picture below of them on the boat. Looks like they had a great time.¬† They also had a picture of how they sell the guitar picks on their Facebook. page. They are making amazing earrings out them to sell at concerts.¬† So neat! The picks really make amazing earrings.

Pick of the Week – Sinister Ego

This week we have a heavy Rounded Triangle Acetal Pick with a one color imprint. The great thing about Acetal is that it looks nice, and plays even better! This pick was printed by the band Sinister Ego.  Their bio from their website is below:

“SINISTER EGO is a creative mixing of the talents of Jeff ‚ÄúNecro‚ÄĚ formerly of Casket Snatch, Jason ‚ÄúDOA‚ÄĚ formerly of Corpsescrew, Adrian ‚ÄúA J Shotgun Vegas‚ÄĚ formerly of DV8, with Brandon ‚ÄúRaven‚ÄĚ on bass, and Jason ‚ÄúHardcore‚ÄĚ on drums.¬†The five rockers put their heads together to compile a sound of music like none other.¬†A little metal, and little punk and some old fashioned rock make Sinister Ego a band for all music lovers.¬†Their first song ‚ÄúLethal‚ÄĚ, produced by SER Studios in Chandler, is a testament to their talents and originality.¬†Mixing memorable catchy vocals, screaming guitars, and ingenious explosive drumming with influences like Danzig, Pantera, Metallica, Motley Crue, and Black Sabbath, they‚Äôve created a unique sound for all audiences to enjoy.”

It is great to see such simple yet stylized guitar pick!.  We also like how the pick matches with the bands overall look.  Make sure to check out their website at: http://www.sinisterego.com/ They have tons of their music on their site that you can download the MP3 of. Very cool!

Pick of the Week – Johnny Deluxe

This week we have selected a guitar pick on our Acetal material. We liked how it used a neon yellow color, with a chalky black.¬† Johnny Deluxe is a Danish band. They a really nice website at: http://www.johnnydeluxe.dk , which is all in Danish.¬† They have quite the creative video on his site called Flex. The music is very catchy and has a very european vibe to it. The picks were ordered by lead singer Noam Halby.¬† They are a Danish band that was formed in London. The band took part in KarriereKanonen run by Danish radio station P3 in 2003, and released the EP Elskovspony in November of the same year. In January 2004, the group signed a contract with Copenhagen Records and subsequently released their debut album, Johnny Deluxe on 24 May 2004. The album has been certified platinum for having sold more than 40,000 copies. The group was awarded “Best Danish Debut” at the Zulu Awards in November 2004.In 2005, the group played more than 100 concerts, including the Gr√łn Koncert tour, and released their second album, LUXUS, in October 2005. As their debut album, this album has also been certified platinum.

They now have a new album out and their The first single from that album is called Flex, which came out on June 14. 2010

Most of his websites are in Danish, but his Myspace is in English click below to learn more:
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/johnnydeluxedenmark
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/johnnydeluxe1
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Johnny-Deluxe/20169628744
Official homepage:  http://www.johnnydeluxe.dk

A Guide to Changing your Strings

I once owned a guitar shop, with a repair department, and replaced many guitar strings. Here are a few good tips, I would like to share with you.
Guitar Strings

Removing old strings
Using a string winder, and starting from the low E string, unwind the string, until you are able to
disengage it from the hole in the machine head. Work across the guitar repeating this procedure. This will place the least amount of stress on your neck and body.
Do not simply cut the strings using wire cutters. This method can be dangerous, and places a sudden stress release within the guitar neck. It also makes
for twice the amount of wire to dispose of. Next, using the string puller, ” the notch on the end of the string crank cup” , carefully pull out each string’s peg, keeping track of which peg, came from which string.¬†Wrap
each string back into a circle, and lock loop with one end. Try to make the circle small enough to fit into the envelope, that your new strings will be removed from.
In this way, everything is nice and neat, and there is less change of injury.

Polishing and conditioning your neck
Now is the time to use your favorite guitar polish, and clean your instrument, especially around the sound hole. This is also the time to determine, weather your fret board needs conditioning.
There are many good polishes and fret board conditioners on the market. Personally, I like to remove any dirt and grease that has built up behind the frets. I find that trying to remove all traces
of build up, is unnecessary, and can lead to damaging your neck. Harsh chemicals will dry out the wood, and water tends to swell the wood. So, I just use a clean cloth and gently remove most of the grease, using the fret board conditioner.
Leaving a little grease behind isn’t going to hurt anything. If you get to aggressive, and trying to remove all of it, you may do more harm than good.

Installing new strings
This is the time to find yourself a lead pencil. Before replacing your strings,¬†take the sharp lead pencil, and rub the lead into the string slots on the top nut. This will add a little graphite, and help to release uneven tension when you tune up your guitar. Your guitar will stay in tune better.¬†Un-package your new strings, as needed. ¬†Stay organized. Starting with the bass E string, place the end ball back into the saddle, and orient the slot in the peg to fit the string. Press the peg all the way down while pulling a little tension on the string, with the other hand.¬†You are trying to find the end of your string ball, while pressing the peg into the hole. Take the other end, being careful, wind it around the machine head’s pole 2-3 times, rotating counter clock wise, on the bass side and clock wise on the treble side. ¬† After placing the end of the wire through the hole, pull it tight. Now, begin turning the machine head, placing more tension on the string.¬†No string should be laying over another string.¬†Check to see that the 2-3 windings are holding, and look correctly. Do this with all 6 strings. Using an electronic tuner or pitch pipe, slowly bring the bass string up to full note tension. Do this with all 6 strings. Don’t wast your time trying to tune each string. Relative pitch will work for now. ¬†If your G string is a wrapped, be slow to bring it up to tone. It contains the thinnest core wire within the set and is the easiest to break. Worry about the G string, and then the top E string. Bring all of your strings up to tune, working your way from the bass to the treble.¬†Using a good pair of small wire cutters, cut off the excess wire leaving 1/8′ outside the hole.

Pre-stretching your strings
Your new strings will not stay in tune, until they have had time to stretch out. If you don’t plan to play, tune it up, and leave it for a day or two, ¬†re-tuning when you have a chance. I have rarely done this, as I usually want to start playing. Additionally, I want my guitar to stay in tune, without constantly retuning… Here is a away, to help remove¬†most of the built in slippage¬†from your strings. ¬†Care must be taken, or you will break strings.¬†As the strings become thinner, you must use less pressure. ¬† With your guitar fully tuned to E, place it horizontally on a padded table top, and/or ¬†your lap with the bass string nearest you. ¬†Grasp the bass E string with both hands. The wire should be between your four fingers and your thumbs. Hands spread apart, with approx. a half inch space between your two thumbs, start bending the string. ¬†Pull with your fingers, while bending in the opposite direction. Do this moving up and down the neck. You are working the bindings. You should be very careful bending your G string, especially¬†if it has an outer wrapping. This is the string, which will always break first, until you learn this technique. ¬†Turn your guitar around now, and do the same thing in the opposite direction, starting from high E to low E. Once you have learned this technique, you will be likely use it, as it makes a huge difference in the time it takes to keep your guitar in tune. It might be wise, to purchase an extra single G and E string. In the beginning, your G,B, and high E, ¬†are the strings that break most frequently.

I have been playing guitar consistently for over 35¬† years, and haven’t broken a string in 20 years. Though in the beginning , I broke them on a regular basis. Remember, take care and be careful. Try to stay organized, you and your guitar will experience less stress. Above all have fun.

Pick of the Week – The Fabulous Po’ Boys:

This week we are featuring a guitar pick that is from one of our endorsed bands, The Fabulous Po’ Boys! They are a bluesy/rootsy/pop rock blend of music from artist like The Beatles, The Byrds, The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett and more. Their band consists of members Warren Payne and Ed Johnson. They have been together since 1991 and have played all around the country. I grabbed the really funny story about how their band was formed from their website: “The band essentially started out as a dare. While chewing a rubber chicken dinner at a regional advertising convention in Denver, Warren and Ed were just two more ad execs in the room suffering through, what can only be described as, mannequins pretending to be a band. Bad songs, bad hair, bad clothes, no life and an empty dance floor. While having really only shared a few beers by a pool deck at another ad conference in Nashville just six months before, Warren and Ed at least knew one another were from Seattle and had spent some time earning their lunch money in front of a microphone with a guitar. Warren approached Ed (who was on his third beer, ignoring the show and wondering what the hell Turkey Chop was) and had the following proposition; ‚ÄúJanet (conference organizer and dear friend of the Po‚Äô Boys) says if we want, we can take over for the band when they go on a break. They said it‚Äôs okay, and Steve (a media lawyer from Minneapolis) is up for playing drums.‚ÄĚ
Ed replied, ‚ÄúDude, we‚Äôre not even a band.‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúDo you know Louie, Louie?‚ÄĚ asked Warren.
‚ÄúYeah,‚ÄĚ said Ed skeptically.
‚ÄúTwist and Shout?‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúJohnny B. Goode?‚ÄĚ
‚ÄúThere you go. Three songs right there. We‚Äôll get up, play, have some laughs and we‚Äôre done.‚ÄĚ
Of course, they played for an hour.
The dance floor was packed; the crowd kept yelling out numbers that the intrepid trio happened to know and with everyone properly lubed, the band played on. The band that had been usurped didn’t seem to mind…they were getting paid anyway. Those guys had no soul at all. What kind of musician gives up his stage?

After the ‚Äúgig‚ÄĚ another conference organizer looking to set up entertainment at a national conference scheduled for Portland, Oregon the following spring asked if the boys were available to play the big after-party.
Again, replied Ed, ‚ÄúWe‚Äôre not even a band.‚ÄĚ (Did that stop us before?)”

Their pick is printed on our pearl celluloid. We love how the little palm tree looks on the pearl picks! Please make sure to visit their website at: http://www.fabulouspoboys.com/

New Endorsed Artists

We have just endorsed Trepid, Hero’s for Hire, and Night By Night. Trepid is a rock band that is bases in Louisiana. Brian and David have been using our guitar picks for 5 years. Trepid has shared the stage with The Event Horizon, Rockhouse, South of Heaven, Dorian‚Äôs Fall and national act Motley Crude (Uncrowned).¬†Visit their site to listen to their music by clicking here.

Hero’s for Hire is a pop/punk/alternative band located in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. These guys really have a great sense of humor and you can see that by reading their bio on their myspace (totally hilarious)! They have been using our white delrin standard picks for about 2 years now.

Night by Night is a classic rock band hailing from London, UK…I really like that they are a more modern type of classic rock (didn’t know that was possible :)). They are a band all ages can enjoy, I really loved their song “Can’t walk away” check it out at their myspace.

Brand New Hate

Brand New Hate just joined our Endorsement Program! Brand New Hate is a punk rock band hailing from France. They released their first album Guitar Junkies in 2009, and should already be releasing a second album in 2011. This band is very busy and going to be going far, “In less than two years, Brand New Hate played more than 40 shows, toured in Germany and shared the stages with bands like The Jim Jones Revue (U.K.), The Trashmen (U.S.A.), The Lords Of Altamont (U.S.A.), and shared a mini tour with the legendary Kevin K (N.Y.C.).” I really loved their songs, “Your the One” and “Turn Around”.¬† Brand New Hate has been using our products for 2 years now and we are very happy to have endorsed this incredible group! You can check them out by clicking here.

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Muck and The Mires

Band from Boston, Massachusetts signs with Clayton. ¬†Once Evan Shore, from the band discovered we do custom guitar picks he switched the whole band to Clayton custom picks. ¬†On 2004, the group released its first proper album,¬†Beginner’s Muck, on their AMP label. ¬†This band was featured on MTV as they were the co-winners of Little Steven’s Underground Garage¬†Battle of the Bands. ¬†Kim Fowler produced the band and they have had huge success since the start. ¬†We are so happy to endorse such a great rock band. ¬†Bring your rock to Steve Clayton’s custom picks like Muck and The Mires have! ¬†Just click on start now and get your custom picks today! ¬†For more information and shows for the band click on Muck and The Mires.

More Endorsed Artists Sign With Steve Clayton

We are excited to announce the new endorsed artists! ¬† Chad Johnson And Down 1450 have become endorsed by Steve Clayton, check out their impressive website down1450band.com. ¬†A band that all started in Austin, TX make sure to turn the volume up for their music. ¬†The song “Take it Easy,” will bring a smile to your face after listening to it. ¬†

Artist Blind Dog Cooley has joined the endorsement list here at Clayton. Jon Cooley bought his first electric guitar from earning money from his paper route back in eighth grade.  His musical influence comes from blues artist Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash, and Omar and the Howlers.  You can find more information about Jon Cooley through his website Blind Dog Cooley.

Jody Britt, Josh Davis, and Mike Opeka all from the band Boss Hawg have also signed with Steve Clayton.  This band definitely has that electric true classic rock sound from their music.  They are a Florida band and you can hear the southern sound they create.  Make sure to stop by their website for show times and locations www.boss-hawgband.com

New Endorsed Artist Will McCranie Signs With Steve Clayton

Grab your coffee and enjoy the songs from Will McCranie.  He has a great voice and a similar style to the Goo Goo Dolls.  In fact, McCranie has actually opened for the Goo Goo Dolls.  He said he stumbled upon our Steve Clayton picks in a music store and has since used them for about 5 years.  We are happy to endorse such a talented artist and feel Will McCranie will be making it big in the near future.

His 52/52 Project is impressive with one new song each week for the year of 2010. You can findout more at 5252Project.com. ¬†Check out his popular song titles “Everything” and “It Ain’t Like Georgia” on his myspace. ¬†Congratulations Will we look forward to following you this year! ¬†If you’d like to be endorsed please send us your band information through our endorsements online submission.

Christian D and The Hangovers

We are excited to announce Christian D and the Hangovers have signed with Clayton. ¬†What a display of energy this band shows in their photos. ¬†You’ve got to see them live. ¬†You can find out where they are playing next right here by clicking on this link “Christian D and the Hangovers” ¬†They have been using our white pearl, .8mm rounded triangle shape, custom guitar picks. ¬†We look forward to making more picks for this fun band. ¬†If you’d like to be endorsed please submit your info here endorsements.

Little Big Town Meets Clayton Crew

What an amazing show we got to see here in Southern Oregon. Our new Jackson County Amphitheater is a perfect place for artists to perform. Last Tuesday, at the Jackson County Fair, Little Big Town invited us out to meet them and to watch their amazing performance. Thank you Mark Wheeler, and Bobby Simmons for working with us and Little Big Town to make it all happen. We look forward to making more custom guitar picks for these stars in the future.

You’ll notice in the photo of Phillip Sweet, playing his guitar, you can see the clayton picks all over each microphone stand. ¬†At times Phillip would toss them out to the crowd. ¬†Phillip uses our .80mm acetal guitar picks, along with our frostbyte .94mm grip picks. Jimmy and Phillip expressed some new interest in our ultem guitar picks, which you can see in the picture also. ¬†Make sure to stop by our featured artist page from time to time as you may see these artists there soon.

Defiant Angel

Defiant Angel is one of our newest endorsees. The band is from Birmingham, Alabama and has some upcoming shows in the area, we would recommend checking them out. Their cover of Slither is awesome! I really loved listening to it, Jonathan’s voice is great and the guitar and drums are amazing. The band plays rock music and plays it well! You can check them out at their myspace.

Pick of the Week – Lethal Saint

This week we selected a Pearl pick on our Rounded Triangle material, by the band Lethal Saint. The band plays what they often refer to as Old School Heavy Metal. They formed¬†in 2006 on the island of Cyprus (off the coast of Greece)¬†by the two guitarists (Andreas Kasapis and Christos Papadopoulos)¬†and the drummer (Christi Isseyegh)¬†and after trying out a few singers they finally¬†found exactly the voice they were looking for to represent the band:¬†Andreas Pouyioukas.¬†The most recent addition to the band is Mike Papapavlou, the bassist.¬†A demo was released after the formation of the band in 2006¬†and was sold out, there was also a series of limited promo copies for the cd in December 2009 which were all sold out by the following concert. The¬†original release of their self – titled¬†album “LethalSaint”¬†came out¬†in¬†March 2010¬†and ever since they have been answering interviews for metal magazines online, radio shows and so on. The cd¬†is available at www.pitchblackrecords.com .¬†Lethal¬†Saint¬†is looking forward to touring the island and hosting a number of concerts with other Cypriot bands for Summer 2010!

Lethal Saint can be found and contacted at the following websites:

Great rock band, “Blackwater James Band” signs with Clayton

As their website states, “They are the swagger of the south, the energy of the sunset strip, the attitude of the borrows, and the dark side of bourbon street are just a few of the ingredients that make Blackwater James the new definition of rock n‚Äô roll.” Dawn Greer Editor of Rock Music United says, “Blackwater James is definetly a great new band to be on the lookout for.” The band comes from the country capitol Nashville, TN. Despite the location they are definitely in the rock and roll genre and can be seen throughout the Nashville area. Make sure to stop by their website to see where they are playing.

Read more:http://www.myspace.com/blackwaterjames#ixzz0uGdcDX2A

Enjoyment For Your Eyes and Ears… TallBoy’s New Video

Tallboy has put out a new video we wanted to share that is demonstrating why their music is making quite the presence around here.  This local Medford Oregon band is currently endorsed by us and we are happy to hear more of their rockin tunes.  They are currently mixing a new album that is set to release in September.  I just spoke with bassist Angel Alvarez and he has told me they have a lot of up coming shows fans need to see.  July 21rst at Vibes, Shenanigans July 31rst, and the Medford Armory August 30th are all upcoming shows.  You can find out more by clicking on TallBoy.  Tallboy uses our orange and yellow custom delrin picks to play with while performing.  They also love to throw them out to their fans to get them more involved with the show.  You can find their picks on our facebook page for viewing.

Enjoy the video! ¬†If you’d like to be endorsed too just click on our endorsement link and submit your information to us online. ¬†It’s new and simple, you can start here!