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Thumb picks! You asked, and we listened! We finally perfected our version of thumb picks. Clayton high quality celluloid picks are made to fit around your thumb. Each has been shaped to maximize grip and strength of the pick. You can click here to purchase them now, and earn 10 points towards your next purchase!


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Mom’s Top Pick

Mother’s Day may seem like it’s still a little while away, but now is a great time to start thinking about what to get for Mom! If you happen to have an extra-cool mom that rocks out on the guitar now and then, custom guitar picks can make the perfect gift! They are useful, but also have that personal touch. It is a good idea to get your order placed early, to allow for production and shipping of the picks to arrive in time for May 10th…yes, that is the date for Mother’s Day this year 😉 To design your picks and and place your order, visit www.claytoncustom.com. Picks start at just $24.99! With lots of color, shape, and gauge options, you will be sure to find something that is as perfect as Mom is!



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A touching story — The Healing Power of Picks

We find that we are sometimes amazed at the ways in which custom guitar picks are used…from playing guitar and throwing them out to fans, to using them for baby showers and as business cards, they really are a versatile item. Recently, one of our customers shared with us how the custom guitar picks that she ordered to commemorate her son, who passed away at a much-too-young age of 22, really made a difference in her healing after this tragic event took place.

Below is a full article, entitled Sustain: How One Family Kept a Young Musician’s Spirit Alive After His Tragic Death by Jason M. Rubin. If you are inclined, please take the time to read this truly amazing story about how something as small as guitar picks can actually make a difference:

Article: rubin_jpopicks-2-1


Band Camp-1

green jj james-1

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Shiny and New: Steve Clayton Store Online

Announcing SteveClaytonStore.Com, where you can get all of the Clayton Guitar Accessories that you need and love! You may remember that this section of our site used to be run through a company called Shopatron, and orders were often shipped from one of our distributors. Now, when you order your Clayton items, you can rest assured that they will come directly from us, the manufacturer, which means less hassle and more dependability! And that’s not all…we are also offering free shipping on all orders over $35.00, all the time!! Check it out at http://steveclaytonstore.com/.


Screen shot 2014-09-10 at 4.34.16 PM


Looking for a unique way to use custom guitar picks at a party? How about as cupcake decorations?! It seems that cupcakes, especially ones with extravagant fillings or frosting decoration, are becoming increasingly popular for events. What better way to make them stand out than with some custom guitar picks crowning the tops? Below is a photo sent to us by customer Deanna Vickers, who placed an order for custom guitar picks for a friend’s birthday party. As you can see, she attached the picks to toothpicks so that she could place them in the tops of the cupcakes to make a customized dessert! They turned out so cool! It’s always fun to learn about the surprising and creative ways in which our customers use custom guitar picks, and we couldn’t help but share this idea!



To order your own custom picks, visit www.claytoncustom.com today!

Strumming for the Cause

A couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity to make guitar picks to help support a wonderful cause. One of our customers, Justin Jacobs, has a passion for guitars and has recently been working on a very special project…building a guitar that he has christened the 65 Roses Guitar. Jacobs himself was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of three, and he explains that kids that age have trouble saying “cystic fibrosis” and it ends up being pronounced like “sixty five roses.”

Because Cystic Fibrosis is still non-curable, Jacobs wanted to take action to help find a cure. He has combined his musical passion with his desire for change to come up with the unique idea of building this special guitar to auction off. In addition, he has gotten the signatures of many celebrities who support his cause, and he will be framing those and auctioning them off as well. He is also currently working on a musical line-up for a benefit concert where he’ll auction off the items and collect the funds to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

560541_426426924144421_826325658_nOur contribution to Justin’s project was to donate custom guitar picks that he can hand out to help spread awareness about his project and what he is trying to accomplish.

To learn more about Justin Jacobs, his story, and the 65 Roses Guitar Project, visit


or check out these articles:



Remember that any contribution helps, even something a simple as clicking “Like” on the 65 Rose Guitar facebook page will help to generate recognition for all of the hard work that Justin is doing to benefit others who have suffered from this terrible condition.

Strong as Steel


I thought that this design for custom guitar picks was an especially cool one. There is a high level of detail to the artwork, but even on the small guitar picks it comes out crisp and clean. This customer also utilized our “full bleed” option for the design. This means that, instead of having a border around their design, the art extends all the way to the very edge of the pick to allow maximum design space, and full coverage on the base pick material. Incidentally, the picks were made using our acetal material, which are some of the strongest picks that we offer for custom printing so they are perfectly for the “Steel” name printed on them 🙂 To order your own custom guitar picks, visit www.claytoncustom.com today!


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For Dads That Rock

front_maskFather’s Day is almost here (coming up this Sunday, the 16th)! If you have just realized that custom guitar picks would be the perfect gift for your dad, it is not too late to get them on time! If you place your order today, and choose one of our faster production custom pick options (colored delrin, white pearl, or acetal), the picks usually only take about two days for production, and we offer both Second Day and Overnight shipping options for orders shipping within the US. For international orders, we also have a Rush 2-3 day ship option available! So don’t wait a minute longer, order a personal gift that is also useful for your rock star Dad!! Order today at www.claytoncustom.com!

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We <3 Pearl

One of the best combinations for guitar pick materials and a custom design is the white pearl pick material Scatter1with pink printing on it. Pink always turns out on our white pearl picks, and it looks vibrant and eye-catching on the marbleized background. They work perfectly for promotional items or for wedding favors. The design shown on the picks to the right is one that is frequently ordered by this particular Clayton customer. The design is sometimes done on our black celluloid picks, which also looks awesome. However the white pearl picks have a faster production time than the black picks so this is sometimes preferred. To order your own custom picks with a design that pops, visit www.claytoncustom.com today!

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Pick of the Week — Boss Fight

This week’s Pick of the Week is for the band Boss Fight.
Boss Fight is a 4-piece (Kevin, Steve, John and Mikee) band from Chicago that plays pop punk.
Boss Fight formed only about 9 months ago, and they played their first show on January 13th of this year (at the Subterranean in Chicago).
According to band member Mikee, the Boss Fight music tastes contrast pretty strongly, so in the end they have an interesting blend of explosive pop punk riffs and more ambient bridge/breakdown segments. Mostly, they say it’s just a blast to play and they hope that the crowds of future shows enjoy listening to it as much as they love to play it.
The pick design is one that Mikee essentially cropped from the event poster for the show. Mikee says that “the artist, the lovely and talented Marina Kozak, did a damn good job on the original. Her portfolio is here: www.marinakozak.carbonmade.com. She’s not actually in the band, but she’s decided to be our artist anyway!”
To learn more about Boss Fight, visit:
Their SoundCloud page: https://soundcloud.com/bossfightchicago
The event page for their last show: http://www.facebook.com/events/431855570201026/
We love the variety of color and graphic appeal of the Boss Fight design that was used for their custom picks. The material chosen for this order was our Clayton white carbonate pick type, which is a glossy finish bright white pick. To order your own custom picks, visit www.claytoncustom.com.

Kamelmat – New Endorsee

Professional Musician, Session Musician, composer & producer.

Guitar Virtuoso & multi-instrumentalist.
(All guitars, Lap Steel, Piano & Keyboards, Saxophone, harmonica, Bass, Drums & Percussion, Indian Sitar, Laser Harp, Vocals)

Kamelmat is the conjunction of all possibilities of this very complete musician who takes music as a whole, without borders, frontiers or musical tags.

From a very early age till the present, he has worked in Jazz & Bossa Nova, Rock & Pop, Heavy Metal, Music-Hall, House music, and he is an edited artist in electronic & Chill Out music

Composer & producer of his own work, as well as a responsible side kick as a sessionist and producer in Argentina, Europe and the U.S.A.

Ongoing projects:
Kamelmat & The Total Harmonic Distortion Band: www.kamelmat.com
Awake: www.awakebcn.com
San Marino: www.sanmarinoretropo.com

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Don’t Forget That We Have Gift Cards!

Are you thinking that custom guitar picks would be the perfect gift for the musician in your life, but you are unsure of what type of picks to order or what design to put on them? We have the perfect option! Clayton USA offers custom guitar pick gift cards! We have three different types of cards available. The first is for text-only custom picks, (30 picks with a design that only has text, no graphics) for a value of $30. The second is for 100 picks with a one color imprint, any design, for a value of $45. The third is for 100 picks with a full color design, for a value of $75. Place your gift card order today at http://www.claytoncustom.com/us/checkout_giftcard/index! Pssst…we also still have one more sale before Christmas, so be sure to check your e-mail for a discount code on custom picks!

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Pick of the Week — Fred Mandel

 This week’s Pick of the Week is for musical artist Fred Mandel.Fred Mandel is has had an amazing career as a professional guitarist and keyboardist. Some of the highlights of his musical journey include touring and recording with Alice Cooper, Queen, Supertramp and Elton John, and contributing to other recordings including Pink Floyd’s “The Wall.”   For the past two years he’s been working really hard to complete his very first solo project, in the rock genre. To learn more about Fred Mandel and his music, visit his facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Fred.mandel.37
Fred’s custom guitar picks were created and ordered by his wife, Jenny. She says that she has been so proud of his work and his most recent solo project, but that the last part of the solo album process – mixing – has been tough.  She wanted to give Fred a little lift by getting him a supply of his favorite pick, the Clayton Acetal 1.52 mm.  When Jenny went online to find a store that carried them, she saw the custom section and thought that it could give him some “pickspiration'” at the end of this long and lonely process.  The artwork is something Fred did on his iPad, and that Jenny uses as a screensaver.  When she showed him the design on the site, he loved how it looked!

He was even happier when he realized Jenny had customized the exact right pick (meaning that he could actually use it)!  He told her “a lot of people think they’re just picks, but a pick is the first equalizer.   I spent a lot of time trying out a lot of picks and I always went back to the Clayton.  It’s part of my tone.  I think everybody should know about Clayton picks.”  He says they are the best picks he’s ever used.  A big thanks from Clayton to both Fred and Jenny, we are so happy that Fred loves his Clayton picks!

To order your own custom picks, visit www.claytoncustom.com. It’s still not too late to order them as gifts for the holidays!

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Order Within the Next Week to Get Picks for Christmas!

Okay, Christmas is speeding around the corner! We wanted to remind all of our customers about the last days that you can order to receive your picks in time for gift opening on the 25th. If you order by Monday, December 17th, you can still take advantage of our free standard shipping (3-5 business day transit time) and have your order arrive on time. If you order by the 18th, you would need to choose Priority Mail (2-3 business day transit time) and they will arrive on time. Orders placed on the 19th will need to have 2nd Day shipping (via Fed Ex) and orders placed on the 20th will need to have Overnight to arrive by the 25th. This is because Fed Ex does not deliver on the weekends. So get your design created and your order placed ASAP to avoid rush shipping charges! www.claytoncustom.com

*These deadlines do not apply to our specialty items, which include black celluloid, glow in the dark and hot stamp foil picks. Our specialty items have a 4-6 week production time and will not arrive before the 25th, no matter what shipping option is chosen.

* Deadlines do not apply to orders that are shipping internationally.

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White Delrin or Acetal?

It is hard to tell which pick is right for you with all the different materials that are available. We get asked a lot here in the custom pick department what the difference between Acetal or White Delrin is so we thought today we would point out the differences :-). Delrin and Acetal are essentially the same material. However, there are two separate patents/blends for this plastic.   The harder blend and the pigment of our Delrin picks will create a brighter tone, whereas Acetal produces a softer, warm tone. Now that we sorted out the difference in sound, what will the imprint difference be? Acetal has a matte finish and is an opaque white so images will look softer. Acetal is also a great material to get photographs printed on. White Delrin is a bright white semi-glossy pick which will make designs look bright and really pop.  It really all depends on personal preference but we hope this helps. If you are still unsure we offer samples of our picks just give us a call at 1-877-752-9484 to discuss/order samples.

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Custom Pick Production Times

We get asked often what our production times are for custom guitar picks. We have many pick materials available and they each have their own process so the production time does vary from 48 hours to 6 weeks. So if you need something quick don’t worry we do have several 48 hour options for you available! Production times (shipping transit times are not included) are listed below by the material (this can also be found in every pick description and on your confirmation email):

  • 48 hour Production includes: Colored Delrin, White Pearl, Acetal and Pink Delrin
  • 72 hour Production includes: White Delrin, Eco-Pick, Metal Picks and Ultem
  • 10 day Production includes: Carbonate and Text Only
  • 4-6 week Production includes: Black Celluloid, Hot Stamp Foil, Glow in the Dark, and Colored Pearl

These are our typical production times if we need to contact you regarding artwork, or if an item is out of stock this can delay your order (you will be contacted through our messaging system). Also, during sales and in December we can get behind normal lead times but as long as you place your order by the Last Day to order dates on our custom pick home page you will receive your order before the holiday. :-).




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Patriotic Picks!

Well folks, the 2012 Presidential Election is just around the corner! Custom guitar picks are an unexpected promotional item that can be used for campaigning, conventions, etc. Whether you are using picks to help support your preferred candidate, or to show your Patriotism like the Troops picks on the far right in the image below, Clayton custom picks are a great option! After all, we are Clayton USA! We offer materials like acetal that work great for photos, and we also have red, white and blue picks that can be printed with any type of design or logo. Order your own Patriotic Picks today at www.claytoncustom.com!

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Colored Pearl Custom Picks

Are you looking for a custom guitar pick in a color that perfectly fits your design? Try out our colored pearl picks! Shown below is an example of how a customer fit their design together with the colored pearl pick option:

The customer had the text “Hot Copper,” and they chose a flame graphic from our clip art library. Then, they chose a copper color for the picks so that all elements of the design go together!

Our colored pearl picks are the same celluloid material as the white pearl picks, but they can be custom color matched in addition to having a custom design printed on them. When you place your order, there is a full color palette to allow for the color choice for the picks. This is a great option if our other picks don’t come in the exact color you are looking for. Also, colored pearl picks are wonderful for weddings since they can be matched to specific wedding colors!

Design and order your own custom colored pearl guitar picks today at www.claytoncustom.com!

Pick of the Week — Bud Boyd/No Drama

This week’s Pick of the Week is for a band called No Drama, and the design was created by musician Bud Boyd. This awesome art with great color and fine detail was re-created on our acetal material picks. Here is a little info about Bud: “Since his older brother gave him his first guitar and a Led Zeppelin complete songbook, guitar playing has been in his blood.
After playing in local rock bands as a player looking for his voice, Bud started to dabble in other styles. Quickly, the warmth of acoustic guitar had taken hold. The quest to find a playing style that would incorporate the many genres of music is always being refined. Today Bud is working primarily as one half of an acoustic duo called No Drama. Bud still finds new ways to put a unique stamp on a song.
‘Guitar playing is a gift that I enjoy everyday and never take for granted. ‘”-Bud. Find out more about No Drama on their Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1459454274&ref=ts. Design and order your own customized picks today at claytoncustom.com!


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Jimmy Valentine

Jimmy Valentine is from Chicago, he got his first music lesson at the age of seven years old from rock and roll legend Jerry Lee Lewis. When he was was 13 years old he got a couple intense music theory lessons from jazz legend Maynard Ferguson. Shortly after Jimmy was also fortunate enough to have received a few guitar tips from guitar icon Frank Marino. Jimmy records his music spot on live first take. Improvised from beginning to end, his songs do not exist before he records them. Jimmy was hired as musical director and guitar player by the legendary Sky Sunlight Saxon of the SEEDS to headline the GOODSTOCK 2007 music festival. In 2008 His CD “Pisces Rising” was produced by Sky. Currently Jimmy is working on a project with Mark Schulman from PINK and John Billings from Donna Summers band. Jimmy is also the founder and CEO of the Hoodilidoo music festival an annual event in Southern MI. Hoodilidoo is in it’s third year.

Jimmy has been endorsed with us since 2011, visit his website for more information:


Primera Edicion

This Venezuelan band integrated for: Leo Borges (bass guitar), Ricardo Sosa (guitar and vocals), Daniel Vargas (drums) and Enrique Márquez (guitar and synthesizers) began its musical trajectory in the year 2001. In the year 2003, 1st Edition emphasizes for his participation in the  National school band contest organized by the “Fundacion Nuevas Bandas” (www.nuevasbandas.com.ve), throwing them as indisputable winners of that year. In 2004, the band was invited to be part of a CD compilation of the prestigious magazine “Platano Verde” (www.platanoverde.com) with the song “Alguna Vez”. The same year 1st Edition took part in a contest organized by the television channel “Puma TV”, where there were selected 30 bands of the whole country so that by means of a song the public would had to vote for his favorite, 1st edition again was selected as the winning band, achieving hours of recording in Rock and Folk Studios. In the year 2006, 1st Edition was chosen to represent the national talent as the opening band for the prestigious Californian band, NOFX in their concert in Caracas.
In 2007 1st Edition was part of the lineup of bands that played in the URBE magazine awards (www.planetaurbe.com) For 2008 1st Edition releases their first studio album “Es Tiempo De Actuar ”, considered by URBE magazine as “ a collection of radial singles ”, placing 3 of them in the different juvenile broadcasting stations of the country, where the song “Creeme” came up to the position number 1 of the top ten of  “La Mega 107.3 FM” (www.lamegaestacion.com), and having a record of permanence of more than 12 weeks in the count. This same year the band goes on a national tour as support and promotion of their album, achieving this way a major attention and national expansion. In turn in the same epoch the band takes part in ” Battle of The Bands Warped tour 2008 ” where it obtains the attention of the American public being one of the bands with major acceptance from the visitors and fans. By the ends of the year “ Es Tiempo De Actuar” whas nominated in the first round of the Grammys Awards 2008 on the category of “ Best Latin Rock/Alternative Album ” this came along with creating an alliance with “ Ingenious Records “ in Miami, Florida, bringing as consequence an internationalization of the work and talent of this band. Also the band creates important partnerships with “World Sound Bank” (www.worldsoundbank.com) and “Pilla Discográfica” (www.pilla.keloide.net) to carry out a special edition of “Es Tiempo De Actuar” where can be appreciated three new songs that the band includes to show their fans the new sound that will represent their second album, which is in recording process right now. By the ends of this year, 1st Edition happens to be a part of the important catalogue of bands supported by the prestigious brands such as Vans, Fender, Gretsch, Bad Cat Amps and Trailer Trash Pedalboards, being the first Venezuelan band provided with so important alliance. 1st Edition brings to us a proposal loaded with energy, naturalness, and charisma that characterizes them both in their music and staging.The motivation of this band is as well as arises for obtaining the music that truly defines them, an innovative, high quality and captivating sound.

For more on the band check out their Facebook, they have been endorsed with us since 2010.

Sworn Us Under

Dean and Chris of Sworn us Under have been endorsed with us since 2010…here is a little more about the band:

Heavy Metal Band “SWORN US UNDER” is a fresh sound of Metal Riffs and Daunting Vocals with a taste of Headbanging Grooves and a touch of Lead Playing Finesse from Guitar Duo Dean Mestas and Chris Gordon. Sharing the Syncopated and often times Melodic, ear-friendly experience are: Mark Walker on Drums, Lala Burchard on Bass Guitar and Dante Dominion on Vocals. Though the band has only been together for 2 years, they have earned a following in their native Grand Junction, Colorado sharing the stage with big name acts OTEP, Cephalic Carnage and From Sword to Sunrise. The band has gained local awareness in part thanks to an appearance in local Tattoo Artist’s Paul Roberts and Dave Bacon of Tattmandu Tattoo Shop’s T.V. Commercial. After several Live sold out shows the owners of the Tattoo Shop approached Sworn Us Under with their interest in working with the band on the Commercial. The band now enjoys permanent sponsorships with Tattmandu and a Local, Hip-Trendy Clothing Store TRENDS.
Along, with the T.V. appearances and numerous Live Shows, the band gets regular airplay from local Alternative Radio Station 91.3 KMSA. The band is the #1 Metal Band pick for the local station whenever it puts on a Live Show at local venues.
With a hard working attitude and dedication to their craft, Sworn Us Under are ready to explode their Unique Metal Sound on to the Masses!!

Visit them at www.myspace.com/swornusunder

The Shiny Darks

The Shiny Darks have been endorsed with us since 2010, here is a little bit about their band:

It’s rock-n-roll with a kick to the face and a pat on the back. It’s true that “happy” and “positive” aren’t normally associated with aggressive music, but there’s more to The Shiny Darks than meets the eye. The thrillsome threesome from Houston, TX has managed to create a sound like no other- one that can start a pit and keep you smiling all at once. Epitomized in their newly released EP “Stab at Love”, The Shiny Darks’ transcend traditional punk, kick it up a notch, and slam it back down with some good ol’ rock-n-roll fun.
To create the magic, the Houston-based band took to the outskirts of the nation and found their resting place in Radiostar Studios (Weed, CA). It was there, through the eyes and ears of the great Sylvia Massy (Tool, Powerman 5000, Johnny Cash) and veteran studio/session musician turned producer Cameron McKenzie, “Stab at Love” came alive.
“Recording in Weed, CA with The Shiny Darks was definitely in my top five experiences of all time.” says Cameron. “Everyone there had nowhere to go but straight into rock history.”
“Recording The Shiny Darks could be the highlight of my career.” says Sylvia. “These guys live and breathe true rock-n-roll, dredged from the depths of dirty thoughts and high-school rejection. Bite marks bleed with the song ‘Stab’. Paul’s vocals and bass wrap around you like a warm strait-jacket. Gem’s drums drill into your temples like a lobotomy. Quenton’s guitars wake you up like a slap in the face. No kissy-kissy music here…”
“Stab at Love”, the first single off of the titular EP, explores loving and losing with the honesty of being freshly wounded. A heart that was, as the song pines, left “beating on the floor” now picked up and proudly displayed on the wounded’s sleeve.
“These songs are lyrically very personal to us. But everybody can relate. Love and loss in ‘Stab’ and ‘Photographs’, the desire for the ‘greener pasture’ and its ultimate disappointment in ‘Kennedy’, and surviving tough times in ‘Holiday’.” says Quenton Rockwell.
“Human nature is driven by two basic emotions: love and fear” says Paul Mendez. “These songs delve into the love side of things…mostly surviving the pain of it. We wrote about it and, to a degree, celebrate survival.”
Though “Stab at Love” boasts the flavors of rejection, pain, and agonizing heartache, the underlying theme which can all but be avoided is hope. The same could be said of each band member. Three very distinct personalities that are each tinged with optimism. “We want people to know that these times don’t last forever” says Gem Mendez (Paul’s baby sister). “There’s something else right around the corner. We wish for our music to touch those that have endured such pain and have fun with it, enough to take a peek at what good things are to come.”


The Kid Henry

Frank Thebaldguy has been endorsed with us since 2010, he plays guitar in the band The Kid Henry. “The Kid Henry is a 5-piece rock band, featuring classically-trained vocalist Alexandra Lombardi, guitarists Dana Dentini and Frank Thebaldguy, Eammonn Dignam on bass, and Vincent Giordano on drums. The Kid Henry formed in 2008 and has been a fixture in the resurgent Long Island music scene ever since. The individuals that make up The Kid Henry bring their eclectic musical tastes and styles with them to create a distinct sound that is unique but very accessible. The Kid Henry pays homage to their influences, while creating a style of their own.” For more visit their facebook at http://www.facebook.com/itsthekidhenry

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Pick of the Week — Open Sky

This week’s Pick of the Week is for a band called Open Sky, and we loved how their cool blue and black design came out on our acetal material picks. “After years of preparation, Open Sky is about to burst onto the scene with their debut full length album! Brothers Mike, Jared and Nathan, along with longtime friend Jon, have been tirelessly forging songs that feature infectious rhythms and powerful, heartfelt lyrics from their studio in Ottawa, Canada. Over the years, Open Sky has worked in various studios across Canada, including the prestigious Metalworks Studios in Mississauga, and has shared the stage with acts such as Starfield, Honeymoon Suite, Social Code and Grammy winners Leeland. ‘Hearing the lyrics of our songs is like reading a page from my journal.’ Mike comments on his writing style. ‘We just open our hearts and empty them onto the page.  Nothing fancy, just raw emotion.’ Adds Nathan. And finally, after years of writing, rewriting and fine tuning, Open Sky is set to bring their music and their hearts to the public. A message of hope prevails throughout the album, pushing the listener to press on through whatever life might throw at them. It’s this hope that drives Open Sky as a band and as individuals to live life to the fullest and inspire others, through their music, to do the same. It’s as the famous playwright Oscar Wilde once said, ‘We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.’ And we can only see those stars when there’s an Open Sky.'” Find out more about Open Sky at www.openskyband.com. Design your own custom guitar picks today at www.claytoncustom.com!

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Pick of the Week — Stefan Nagy

This week’s Pick of the Week was designed for musician Stefan Nagy. His simple and classic design was printed on our white delrin picks. Stefan Nagy is a Canadian Singer/Songwriter hailing from Montreal. After finding his father’s hand-crafted Spanish acoustic guitar with only 1 string on it in the closet at age 9, his talent quickly gained recognition with his fast-learning capabilities, nimble fingers and an inclined ear. Self-taught and influenced by everything from the Classic Beatles, Zeppelin, Tom Petty and Steve Miller to bands like Guns N Roses, RHCP, Nirvana and Sublime, Stefan soon developed a very unique and versatile style and sound. By the age of 15, Nagy had already played a variety of shows in front of crowds by the hundreds even landing a set in the local outdoor Canada day festivities where he covered songs by the great Neil Young and C.C.R. as well as originals. In 1999 he released a debut album with the punk-rock trio Antisocial called ‘Antisocial Society’ and went on tearing up the Montreal punk-rock/hard-core scene. After 5 years, 2 Bassists, a whole lot of shows and a conflict of interests, the band was forced to split , so Nagy packed up his broken-neck Fender acoustic guitar and hit the road in search of inspiration traveling the west-coast, Canadian Rockies and the Yukon, living on the road in between. Upon returning to Montreal in 2009 to work on a solo project, Nagy began producing his debut solo acoustic folk/rock album influenced by his travels, relationships and the will to succeed. Now on the road and working on the release of his debut album ‘Scattered Embers’, Nagy is playing live performances and is currently at the promotional stage gaining press interest as well as regular plays on CBC Radio3 among others. Find out more about Nagy on his sites at www.facebook.com/nagysacousticrock and www.reverbnation.com/nagy. Design your own custom picks today at www.claytoncustom.com!

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Hollywood Doll

Hollywood Doll is an Essex-based band whose musical style reflects the best of Glam, Punk and Sleaze Rock. The band was the brain-child of lead guitarist, Matt Rowe who approached bass player, KT Glitz and Hollywood Doll was born in June 2008. Matt and K.T. were later joined by Charlie Webster on drums. The band had two singers throughout the following year, neither of whom quite fit the bill. In May 2009 Charlie decided he’d rather play guitar, so in June 2009 Steve Doll was recruited as drummer. A more concerted effort was made to find a singer and the perfect representation of Hollywood Doll arrived in the form of Marie Repulsive in September 2009. In November 2009 Charlie decided to work on another project, leaving the band as a four-piece. The idea had always been to have a five-piece band and the line-up was completed with the recruitment of Graham Mortis as rhythm guitarist in February 2010.
In May 2010 Hollywood Doll played their debut gig at K.T.’s local pub, Shaw Farm, in South Woodham Ferrers. The gig was a success, the band were well received and within a week the band were booked to play again at another Southend bar. To check out more of Hollywood Doll visit their website www.hollywooddoll.co.uk

Endorsed with Clayton since 2010

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Clayton Counts!

Hey Clayton fans! Check out this awesome video that features Clayton picks!! It was created by one of our customers, John C. McCain. He is a teacher in South Portland, Maine, and he writes and records music at home. He uses our acetal small teardrop picks in a 1.52 gauge. It is a cute counting video that is also associated with learning music. Enjoy!


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Pick of the Week — The Alarm

This week’s Pick of the Week was created for an alternative rock band called The Alarm. They emerged from North Wales in the late 1970s. They started as a mod band and stayed together for over ten years. As a rock band, they displayed marked influences from Welsh language and culture. By opening for acts such as U2 and Bob Dylan, they became a popular alternative rock band of the 1980s, retaining a small but loyal following to the present day. Their picks are made on our acetal material, in a rounded triangle shape. We love the bright colors of the design and the full bleed layout. The picks were created by Travis Tiffin as a suprise gift for the lead singer of the band, Mike Peters. He utilized the “Poppy” logo which dates back to the earliest incarnation of their branding…1981.  Although, he believes this might have been the first time it has been integrated with a Welsh Flag motif…since the band is from Wales. The picks were created specifically for an event called The Gathering: http://www.thealarm.com/gathering/news.html. Shown below is a photo of Mike Peters at the event, and if you look closely you can see him holding one of the picks in his right hand. Mike Peters also happens to be the founder of a wonderful charity organization called the Love, Hope, Strength Foundation. LHSF is an international, music-centric cancer charity dedicated to saving lives, one concert at a time. The mission is to save lives, right now, with the advances that have already been made in cancer care. They do not fund cancer research, rather they use their funds to: Build and support cancer centers around the world, build awareness of global cancer needs, and build international marrow databases through the “Get on the List” campaign. To find out more about LHSF and how to donate, please visit http://lovehopestrength.org/. To check out The Alarm, their music, and their upcoming events you can visit their site at http://www.thealarm.com.

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Twlight Star Booboo Stewart and Fivel Stewart Clayton Booth NAMM 2011

We had lots of different artists singing at our NAMM 2011 booth this year, which included Booboo and Fivel Stewart of “Booboo and Fivel”.  You may recognize Booboo from the very popular Twlight Saga movies. He plays the youngest werewolf Seth Clearwater in the series. Him and his sister Fivel are currently in the band “Booboo and Fivel”, and have released a single titled “Rainy Day”.  You can view the video at the bottom of this post.  Booboo is an official endorsed artist at Clayton, Inc. so we brought him into NAMM to help promote his amazing talents as a guitarist and drummer.  As he waited for the limo to pick him up to bring him to the convention center, he played around on the drums.  See the video here: Below are some pictures from the signing at our NAMM booth.