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Klover Jane

Klover Jane hits in 2017 with their unique brand of 100% American Rock n’ Roll and are set to take the summer concert stage by storm. Armed with the new ‘Sporadic Insanity’ EP released on Sept 24th 2016 and on the heels of their previous release ‘Sacred’ released in 2014 , KLOVER JANE is back to rock for the fans!

Listening to KLOVER JANE is like listening to the “love child of Axl Rose and Andrew Wood,” says an awestruck CJ Plain of TapDetroit, who hears in them a “passion, fury and style, that’s long been missing from music.”

Jay Clark (Bassist), Jeff Noble (Guitar), JT Phillips (Guitar), Dean Noble (Drums), Rane Stone (Vocals)

Website: www.kloverjane.com

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Josh Damsma

“I Love every single pick that I order and so do the other musicians i share them with. God bless…”

Josh Damsma is an American Country, Blues and Christian guitarist and vocalist. He is also a veteran of both the Air Force and Colorado Army National Guard He began playing guitar at age twelve. New Castle, Colorado is where he began his first pickin’ on the guitar by attending a class offered at school. Josh began to nurture his music career and interest as well and founded the band Wood Goblin with Jimmy Rock and Duncan Olds 1994. Wood Goblin, an alternative band, played local parties and Denver Metro downtown music halls like the Mercury Cafe. In 1997 he recorded guitar tracks with the New Song fellowship Band in his first professional musical offering on an album titled “A Drink of You” featuring songs by Loren Sandford.

In 2009 Josh recorded his first professional county track “We Were Just Lonely” written by Jeff Twardzik at Rocky Mountain Recorders in Denver, Colorado. And is in the process of finishing his first album “Just Ahead of the Storm”.

In 2010 Josh also participated in the (then) Colgate Country Showdown in Raton, New Mexico as a participant with 13 other contestants. And in 2011 also participated in the “King of the Blues” blues guitar contest at Guitar Center Arvada, Colorado.

In 2013 Josh began judging for the Colgate Country Showdown by judging 3 local contests, in 2014 both the Colorado and Kansas State Finals and is on track to be a Regional Judge in 2015.

Josh currently plays self-described ‘special teams’ guitar biweekly to upwards of 1,000 audience members at Church in the CIty in Denver, Colorado. Josh plays Fender, Takamine and Ibanez guitars as well as Zoom Guitar Effects and is officially endorsed by Steve Clayton custom guitar picks and accessories. He is a proud father of two a graduate of the University of Colorado, and a PhD student in Organizational and Industrial Psychology at Northcentral University.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joshdamsma

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John Morse Band

The John Morse band consists of:

  • Johnny Morse – Guitar & Vocals
  • Pat McNulty, PaulFraim – Bass & Vocals
  • Joey Thunerchild Petitnato – Rythym and Lead Guitar
  • Jimmy Fisk, John Lafleur, Jimmy Roberts – drums
  • R.I.P – Bill McCannDrums, Vocals

and many special guests. We will Carry On despite the loss of our dear Friend and comrade Jimmy FiskJohn Lafluer,Jimmy Roberts.We Believe Thats what he would want!

The John Morse Band have played shows all over the world before settling in upstate N.Y. The band has performed with Blue Oyster Cult, Pat Travers, Robin Trower, Rick Derringer,Molly Hatchet, Robby Krieger, Zebra, Johnny Winter, Jason&The Scorchers, Bad English , J.Geils .. John Has Opened Shows for U.F.O.,Vince Neil{Motley Crue},Bret Micheals{Poison},Blackfoot,Tom Keifer{Cinderella} ,Dokken,Richie Scarlet{Frehley’s Comet}And many more! Their live shows have been called foot stompin’ adrenaline soaked extravaganzas, with John being compared to Angus Young, Roy Buchannan, Stevie Ray and more.

The John Morse Band: https://www.facebook.com/groups/140107503035/
STARSTRUCK: https://www.facebook.com/Starstruckrocks/
Johnny Morse – Rocking the Blues: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1141420885900689/

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Johnny Zapp

Products used: Clayton Custom 1mm white pearloid picks, Clayton Heavy Wall Glass Slide

I first discovered Clayton picks as a kid in the ’80s. I rode my bicycle to AB Music Studios in Huntington Beach and I was immediately drawn to the white pick with the Clayton logo. I wound up loving the texture and grip and here we are nearly 30 years later, and the Clayton 1mm picks are the only picks that can hold up to the abuse of my demanding bass duties as of late.

Huntington Beach native Johnny Zapp is best known for his work writing and publishing rock singles for film and television. With Johnny typically performing all guitars, bass, drums and vocals himself, his music is best described as organic rock and roll deeply rooted in the 1970s. Some of Johnny’s television credits include Pimp My Ride; MTV 10 on Top, ESPN Coverage of the PGA Tour, various Red Bull promos and most recently, season two of the Nat Geo travel/culinary/marine-life smash, Into The Drink.

In the ’90s, Johnny played as a subbing musician in various line-ups with players from The Refreshments, Gin Blossoms, Dead Hot Workshop, Grievous Angels and many others in the Tempe, Arizona music scene.

February 2017 marks Johnny Zapp’s prominent return to the stage as permanent bass player for the new blues/rock power-trio, Mason. Mason’s debut record, Midnight Road, drops in April followed by a supporting tour.

Johnny Zapp is also a columnist for Vintage Guitar magazine.

Website: www.johnnyzapp.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/johnnyzapp76

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Lloyd Wallace

Products used: Acetal, Black Celluloid, White Pearl

“Clayton Picks are a shredders dream their light years ahead of them other guys and my fans love them to” – Lloyd

Lloyd Wallace a.k.a ” Dr.Scary ” is a Michigan based guitarist who has a reputation of being one of the most intense and over the top shredders in the Michigan area, For the past 30 years. He also has and instrumental CD, “Fingers of Flight” , Over his career he has traveled extensively throughout the United States and surrounding territories and has had the privilege of opening for national acts such as : Dennis DeYoung of STYX, Dope, Skid Row, The Bullet Boys, Mr. Big, Filter, and many more.


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I.D.S.F.A. uses: Clayton Duraplex rounded triangle  0.88mm and 1.00mm

Travesty from I.D.S.F.A. Says, “If your going to pick a pick make sure to pick a Clayton pick, it should be the only pick you pick.”

R.I.P. from I.D.S.F.A. Says “Wait, these aren’t for picking your butt? Damn now my guitar smells funny, But sounds great!”

2 Time VRMA Award Winning Shock Metal Band 
In early 2011 a band of miscreants came crawling from the darkest corners of sin city nevada. This pack of the undead and some not so dead come from many different genres of the unimaginable, yet their styles mesh seamlessly. They have an aggressive, hard, gritty edge that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. 

I.D.S.F.A. released their first full length self titled CD in September of 2013 with songs about revenge, death, mayhem, and zombies, that is just the tip of the iceberg.
And if the music wasn’t enough to make you’re pubic hairs curl, the stage show is not to be missed either. along with their side-kicks “The Bio-Bastards”, I.D.S.F.A. is whipping up a frenzy with a new and exciting show. it’s filled with drum beating zombies, an 8-foot anti-aircraft gun, washed up sea creatures from the japan tsunami, plus much much more. But wait, There’s more. The only Bleeding Bass guitar in existence is sure to make your jaw drop.
I.D.S.F.A. consists of Knuckletooth on vocals, Travesty on the Bleeding Bass, Dr. Skum on the drums, R.I.P. on guitar and The Bio Bastards with their on stage antics.


instagram #idsfaband


Ian Litovich

Products Used: Clayton Custom Delrin picks.

”I love Clayton picks because they adapt well to any style of music and being a session player I look for versatile tools that help me play through any musical situation. It all starts from these picks!”

Ian Michael Litovich (Born on December 11th 1990). From San Juan Puerto, Rico. Having been influenced by his father to consider playing an instrument, Ian began to explore his interest at a very young age. Enrique Litovich, also an accomplished musician, had raised Ian an environment filled with guitars, recording equipment, and passion for music. But it was upon hearing The Beatles’ ”Abbey Road” at 12 that Ian’s perception of music began to change. It wasn’t long before Ian pestered his father into teaching him his first guitar chords.

Ian supplemented his father’s lessons by listening to music, reading books and observing other performers. After practicing for one year Ian’s curiosity spread to the bass guitar. Heavily-influenced by Paul McCartney’s melodic bass playing, Ian taught himself to master it. Next he taught himself to play piano, applying the same fervor he’d used to learn guitar. His enthusiasm soon spread to learning the recording process. Taught by his father to use a standard cassette tape recorder, Ian quickly graduated to record on reel-to-reel tapes in a small studio that he’d built in his own room.

Ian got his first taste of playing live when he performed for his high school at the age of 15. People started to recognize his talent and soon he was invited to perform at almost every school activity.

Ian’s musical journey continued when he received a drum set for his 16th birthday. Ian taught himself to play the drums with the same curiosity and drive he’d approached everything else musical. Once he mastered the drums, he set out to conquer the last piece of the musical puzzle: vocals. Being the most difficult thing to master, he began to record himself singing (and playing) multi-track covers, analyzing his own performance and looking for ways to improve. It wasn’t long before Ian boiled down it all down to a polished vocal style.

By the age of 17 Ian began playing the local circuit with cover bands and at the same time writing and recording his own material. Ian soon began making contributions to local bands and artists landing his first few gigs as a session musician. As Ian earned the respect of local artists and musicians he began to make a name for himself. Videos he’d posted of his multi-track recordings on Youtube and Facebook of multitrack recordings gave him wide recognition as a multi-instrumentalist and self-producer.

: www.twitter.com/ianlitovich
: www.youtube.com/ianlitovich
: www.soundcloud.com/ian-litovich

Leanne Bowes

Products Used: Clayton Acetal Rounded Triangle 1.00mm picks

“I used to only play bass with my fingers– until my guitar tech handed me the Clayton acetal 1.00mm rounded triangle pick! This pick gives me that 90’s gritty, grungy punk tone I’ve always been looking for.”

Leanne Bowes is an NYC-based bassist with both international touring and session experience. She takes pride in her unwavering sense of rhythm, which she considers an essential part of any great band. Leanne believes that the drums are the heart of the band, but the bass is the pulse. In 2013 she started playing bass for Hunter Valentine and has been around the world and back. With Hunter Valentine, she has opened for Cyndi Lauper, Sum 41, and has recorded in the studio with Linda Perry.





Leni DiMancari

Products Used: Clayton Custom Acetal Guitar Picks

“There is no better guitar pick on the planet than an Acetal .80mm Clayton for durability and
dependability. They are comfortable in your hand, don’t slip, and take a beating during a show. I tried
other picks over the decades, and the best is Clayton. I proudly endorse the product as the BEST pick on
the market and I recommend them to everyone.” Leni DiMancari

Leni DiMancari is a Guitarist, Producer and Musician from Minnesota, who laid down his early musical roots performing in clubs throughout the Midwest. His musical influence varies from Steve Lukather to George Lynch, Jimi Hendrix to John Sykes.

He has 7 Minnesota Music Academy nominations under his belt, and the award for best new artist for the band Hurricane Alice, who later went on to sign with Atlantic Records. Leni eventually landed a few Independent record deals on his own after leaving the group and recorded with former members of Y&T, Le Mans, Montrose, Head East & Cacophony.

Leni was also the lead guitarist with the internationally known Tribute to the Band Heart- Bad Animals for 9 years. Currently Leni runs and manages Ten 13 Entertainment and works with 24 different artists on national bookings, along with being the lead guitarist of the Pearl Jam Tribute Band- Alive. Alive starts their national tour in 2015.


Lucas Hoge

Products used: Clayton custom printed white acetal .63 picks

“I’ve been using Clayton Guitar pics for over 12 years and I always get the same great quality every time! I love being able to have my logo on all my pics.  I take these pics all over the world, and no matter where I am, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nebraska or Alaska, I’ve always got my Clayton pics to play with.”

Lucas Hoge born and raised in Hubbell, NE in a town of 44 people.  This country singer moved to Nashville and his plate has been full since the day he arrived.

He’s an award winning singer/songwriter with songwriting credits that span, Film, Television, radio and even jingles.

He’s worked with Cabela’s, HBO, Discovery Network, The WB Network, Animal Planet, Lipton Tea, NASCAR, Bowtech Archery, Wrangler, USO and many more.

Lucas is the Wrangler National Patriot® artist and each year he spends two weeks over Memorial Day in Afghanistan.  Wrangler® also picked up his song “Medal Of Honor” as the official theme song for Wrangler National Patriot®.

Lucas penned and performed  “Give A Damn”, the theme song for the hit hunting show on GAC TV called Tom’s Wild Life and Lucas appeared in the episode “What Happens in Vegas”.
Lucas has appeared on The Today Show, Inside Edition, the Daily Buzz, Fox 17, Tennessee Mornings, Daytime TV and more to promote his TV show Last Chance Highway which was seen in over 30 million homes each week on Animal Planet.  Lucas starred in the show as country singer saving dogs.  Lucas also penned and performed the theme song for the show, also titled “Last Chance Highway”, which Discovery Network released to iTunes.

His single Flip Flops premiered on Sirius XM “The Highway” and on ZUUS, CMT.com and GACTV.com. Lucas partnered with Reviver Records and the single was released worldwide on SONY RED Distribution.

Cabela’s and Lucas signed an endorsement deal for 2015 and Cabela’s will be the exclusive sponsor of the Lucas Hoge tour. Lucas will be performing at several Cabela’s Grand Openings along with a video series titled: “HOGE WILD CAMPFIRE REVIEWS”, where Lucas will review Cabela’s products and perform an acoustic song, airing on www.Cabelas.com.

Were excited to announce that Lucas will be making his return to TV in the show “HickXtreme” which is hosts and was the creator of.  HickXtreme will air on NASH TV in over 57 millions homes via Cumulus and Music Choice.

Lucas was signed to Reviver Records in Feb 2015 and is set to release his debut single in early Spring via Sony Red Distribution.


Lou Tambone

Products Used: Clayton Custom White Delrin Standard 0.80mm picks.

“The picks are tough enough on their own but the fact that I can customize them is icing on the musical cake.”

Lou Tambone is a musician and multi-instrumentalist from Northern New Jersey. He plays with a plethora of local original and cover acts and also maintains a solo act where he writes the songs, sings, and plays guitar.

On Clayton: “While looking for some cool rewards for my latest Kickstarter campaign, I came across Steve Clayton’s customizable picks. They are tough, affordable, and feel great! I customized a bunch and used them as rewards. People loved them. I’ll be using them from now on and giving them away at shows.”

When not performing or rehearsing, Lou is a web designer and freelance writer as well as a husband and father.

Website: http://www.loutambone.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/loutunes

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James 3

Products Used: Clayton Medium Gauged picks, Socket Slides and Soft Leather Straps.

“If you want the best dependable, high quality gear on the market you HAVE to go with Steve Clayton USA”

James Tamelcoff III, born October 19th, 1998, has been around music his entire life. His Father James Jr. Played guitar and sang. James 3 has always been a huge fan of the older music of the 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s,and the 1980’s. James 3’s dad Introduced him to Brian Setzer of The Stray Cats at age 7 and that’s where it all started. He looked at Mr. Setzer’s Big orange guitar and said that’s the guitar I want. James started taking lessons at age 8 and continued those lessons for 2 years. He has fronted his own bands since the age of ten and has played on some of the biggest stages in Virginia and has opened for Billboard recording artists. James currently plays in 6 different groups, all different genres of music. James 3 has been using Steve Clayton guitar picks, and slides and straps since he picked up the guitar. We asked James what he thought of Steve Clayton Gear and he said “If you want the best dependable, high quality gear on the market you HAVE to go with Steve Clayton USA”. His guitars consist of 2 Gretsch Electromatic Hollow body’s, a Jumbo Rancher Grestch Acoustic, and a American Made Fender Telecaster. James also plays the drums,bass,and piano as well. He will very soon be touring the U.S. In all states in the future. So be on the look out for 15 Year old James Tamelcoff III in your area.

Website: http://www.jamestamelcoff13.wix.com/james3music

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Giffords Lane

Products used: Clayton Custom Acetal teardrop 1.00mm.

“My dad turned me on to Steve Clayton Acetal Tear Drop pics when I was 5 years old! I have not used any other pic in the 9 years I’ve been playing guitar! You know how many times my mom pulls out my Steve Clayton pic’s from the dryer? I got to stop leaving them in my pockets.” – Salvatore Grande

With an industry immersed in power pop, slick production, and samples, samples, samples….it is great to see a pure rock and roll band perform live and light up an audience. It’s even better when that band is 12-14 years old.

Giffords Lane is fast making a name for themselves as one of the next big things to come out of the northeast coast. Collectively, Giffords Lane is reaching 2 million views on Youtube and their fan base is growing rapidly. With their 3rd album Just Enough recently released on iTunes, impressive sellout shows at The Bitter End, The Count Basie Theater The Stone Pony and The State Theater, plus an ever growing legion of fans, the future belongs to GIFFORDS LANE.

In 2013 Giffords Lane opened for Macklemore and Ryan Lewis at the Skate and Surf Festival held in New Jersey; for Quiet Riot at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia and for Carly Rose Soneclar from ‘The XFactor’. To date Giffords Lane has played over 200 shows! On October 5 2013, Giffords Lane made history when they performed live at the St. George Theatre on Staten Island. Giffords Lane was the youngest band to headline the St. George Theatre in its 84 year History!

During the winter of 2014, Giffords Lane put together their 3rd mashup by combining Katy Perry’s ‘ROAR’ and Aerosmiths ‘Sweet Emotion’. A music video soon followed! Giffords Lane went back into the recording studio to record 3 more songs in February. In April Giffords Lane released their 3rd EP: Just Enough. Giffords Lane hosted 2 record release parties; one in Philadelphia on Phillies #1 radio Show The Preston and Steve Show followed by a performance at the legendary JC Dobbs. Then then the following day at the Victory Beer Hall at xFinity Live. The second release party took place the following weekend for their New York fans at the legendary Bitter End.

Website: http://www.GiffordsLane.com
YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/GiffordsLane
Facebook: http://www.FaceBook.com/GiffordsLaneBand
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/GiffordsLane
Reverbnation: http://www.ReverbNation.com/GiffordsLane

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Gregor Friday

Products used: Custom Glow in the dark, Acetal, White Delrin, Black Raven

“I love having Steve Clayton picks, they are consistent, sound and play great, but between the fans and my rat-bag musician friends, I’m always running out…”

Originating from Melbourne, Australia, Gregor Friday is the guitarist for Berlin based Dark Rock sensation “Vlad in Tears”. Being introduced to music by his father, Gregor has done everything form teaching, to sessions, to releasing self produced solo EPs. Mr Friday is currently on tour in Europe with Vlad in Tears in support of their self titled 4th studio album.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Vladintears
Video: http://youtu.be/1vOhuXM3vWM
Side project: http://www.gregorfriday.com
Live Photo credit: http://oberirr.de/galerie/

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Kickin Valentina

Products Used: Clayton Custom Colored Delrin 1.14 gauge standard shape and 0.88mm.

“Clayton picks make me look and play like a Rock Star on stage” – Chris

“Nothing makes my guitar squeal like a Clayton pick.” – Heber

Rising Atlanta band KICKIN VALENTINA is creating quite a buzz and has already established a rabid fan base. The band was formed in early 2013 by guitarist Heber Pampillion and drummer Jimmy Berdine. After meeting vocalist Joe Edwards (whose distinctive style has been described as a “diamond in the dirt”), they began writing and rehearsing, then recruited Chris Taylor to round out the lineup. In 2013, their debut performance was in July, followed by the release of their self-titled debut EP on Highway 9 Records in October. The band has been busy in 2014 playing live (with many festivals scheduled for the Summer & Fall), and in June they were nominated for – and won – the 2014 Georgia Music Award for “Rock Band of the Year.”

With a little bit of sleaze, a little bit of blues, and a whole lot attitude, KICKIN VALENTINA have secured their place in the Southeast and are quickly gaining attention and traction across the US and overseas. The band has already performed with artists as diverse as Buckcherry, Queensryche, Pop Evil, Fozzy, Eve to Adam, Faster Pussycat, Nonpoint, and Cilver, while their first single “Get Ready” is already a fan favorite on radio stations around the world, and one of the top requested songs on Hard Rock Nights and Canada’s Rock X Radio. Both “Get Ready” and the standout track “Alone” will be featured in the upcoming action horror movie Altered from award winning film director Kely McClung (Summer 2014 release).

Website: www.kickinvalentina.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kickinvalentina
Twitter: www.twitter.com/kickinvalentina
Instagram: www.instagram.com/kickinvalentina

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J Patrick McCosar

Products used: Clayton custom printed red and black picks

“I’ve come to rely heavily on Steve Clayton picks and products! Not only are they durable and reliable, they’re really flexible and help accentuate every nuance of my playing; a huge plus for me and the band’s music. The custom print on my picks has yet to fail me and is incredibly durable over months of hard playing! .”

At a very early age, J was exposed to and musically influenced by various styles of music. His mother had various rock and Motown records in her collection, however it was the Jimi Hendrix and Van Halen LPs in her diverse record collection that caught J’s attention. J made a decision after listening to Edward Van Halen and Randy Rhoads to make guitar playing his life’s passion.

J is a Native American guitar player born in Maywood California and raised in Cudahy and Bell California. He spent much of his teen years soaking up Rock and Metal music with his brother. He saved allowance money and purchased a guitar through the Sears catalog and began building his chops through guitar magazine tabs. While attending Bell High School in California, he took 4 years of classical guitar that eventually shaped his technique. He now has over 25 years of playing experience in classical, rock, jazz and country guitar. He played in various rock bands in high school and college. J supported the Sean Roberts Band and guest tracked on Sean Roberts side project Syrius South. He’s also been supporting and participating in various guitar work and collaborations with other guitar players and bands.

In early 2013 J was chosen to be part of the new August Redmoon guitar lineup, which has already begun making waves in the Metal and Rock scene. August Redmoon was one of the first L.A. bands to hit the music scene in the early 80’s during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal explosion. The band has recently been interviewed and had a few brief moments in the documentary “Inside L.A. Metal” by Bob Nalbandian, which had an early premiere in L.A. on June 1st 2014.

J regards his playing as “story telling and expressive” and describes his music with August Redmoon as – “aggressively rhythmic and dynamically intense”. J regards his music writing and style as “sonically encompassing and reflective” of his early and current influences from Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Dave Murray and Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden, the late Dimebag Darrell, classical players Eduardo Fernandes and Andres Segovia to current rock icons such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Mark Tremonti, Myles Kennedy and Eric Friedman. .

J Patrick McCosar is rockin’ with August Redmoon, be part of the Redmoon Rising movement!

Website: http://augustredmoon.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAugustRedmoon
August Redmoon Twitter: https://twitter.com/August_Redmoon
J Patrick McCosar Twitter: https://twitter.com/JPatrickMcCosar
ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/augustredmoon

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Kenta Hayashi

Products Used: Ultem Standard 0.72mm & 0.80mm.

“These picks have the special and unique tone! The texture is so dry and brilliant which I love. The sound of these picks fits my music style very well. I am just super happy to play my guitars with them!”

KENTA HAYASHI Japanese exotic & artistic musician

“Japanese singer-songwriter and loop pedal ninja KENTA HAYASHI takes the term ‘one man band’ to next level, creating an orchestra of sound by layering vocals, guitar, effects, percussion, and electronic beats. The result is a fusion of psychedelic dubbed out journeys surrounded by soundscapes and an overtone of harmonies on a rhythmic foundation – all created live by Kenta through the use of his loop pedal.”

Hayashi performs over 200 shows in all over the world.

Currently Hayashi is on his WORLD TOUR, and just finished 

Europe & U.K tour (8 countries, 115 shows)

Asia tour (7 countries , 61 shows)

And Australia tour (68 shows).

Hayashi also play at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’16.

and many festivals around the world.

Played and collaborated with such artists as: 

 Common Sense, Ozomatli, Greyboy Allstars, The Expendables, Bargain Music, Norwood Fisher (Fishbone), Lenny Castro (Lenny plays with The Rolling Stones, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, John Mayer, TOTO), and Larry Dunn (Earth, Wind & Fire).


Official Website 













KENTA HAYASHI Live@Sofar Sounds London’15 


NEW ALBUM -The Flavor From The Oasis-


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Products used: Steve Clayton custom guitar picks and stock picks in Acetal 0.80mm.

“Steve Clayton products never disappoint your guitar.”

Hollowpoint is a hard hitting southern rock band that delivers an entertaining show and great original music. Founded in 2012 by guitarist Erek Wright and bassist Aaron Campisi they have been working on developing a name for themselves. Finding guitar player Zach Van Dorn, drummer John Wagner, and singer Ray Peterson they’re continuing to mature their sound. Hollowpoint has been described by national acts to resemble a rock sound, similar to Black Stone Cherry.

Website: www.hollowpoint4you.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hollowpoint/154444591336137
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HollowpointDSM

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Gio Lombardi

Products used: ACETAL Rounded triangle .80mm & 1.00mm

“CLAYTON picks is an important component of my sound. I’ve tried many picks, played many stiles, I though that, thickness apart, there can’t be much difference in picks, then I’ve tried CLAYTON and…. I’ve never used anything else ever since ! Always reliable, durable, a pick for any touch.”

Giovanni Lombardi a.k.a. Gio Lombardi is a performer, composer, music educator, international seminarist, music educational columnist. Born in Pescara, Italy, raised in the coastal city of Bari, Italy, picked up his first guitar at the age of 10, he has not stopped playing music ever since. In Gio’s own words ” ….A guitar was available at home, my father knew how to play few songs. Later on, my sister took few guitar lessons, but somehow that guitar ended in my hands, was that the moment when, the love story that has changed my life, started”

Gio’s love for music and his natural inclination toward education, has started him very young as a Guitar teacher as well. Gio’s training and studies as a musician has taken him to different parts of the world. After laying the foundation of his music education with classical studies in Italy, the first jams with local bands come through. The urge of expanding his experience though lead him to his first professional gig on board of international cruise liner, home was left for good in 1990. After playing extensively in South America, which left an important influence in his writing, Gio moved to Los Angeles where he graduated with honors from the Guitar Institute of Technology in 1999. From that moment on Gio’s has acquired an immense experience as a performer & composer, alternating overseas touring, with U.S. gigs. Gio’s hands have been filmed playing the guitar for national TV commercials, he has composed for Warner Brothers Japan, the sound track of LUPEN the III and GOLGO 13, two of the biggest title in the world of Japanese Manga, released a total 5 records as a guest, a diversified collection of experiences going from Jazz to Gospel, from Latin fusion to progressive Rock.

In 2011 Gio released his first record under his name “SCRIPTA MANENT”. In this record Gio is present not only as a composer/performer but also as an arranger. A blend of musical influences covering a spectrum of genre, identifying Gio’s musical direction. Gio Lombardi is an eclectic artist hardly be confined in a genre, he represents the modern view of the musical world without forgetting the roots. Gio’s guitar style has been described as with No barriers, his writing and playing is a journey through groovy rhythm sections, Jazz influenced harmonies, spicy flavors, rock edge, soulful solos with a touch of flashy virtuoso & sentimental ballads.

Nowadays Gio’s is working on the release of his second record, out of which you can enjoy his latest single release “Good Morning Bella”. Also, he is performing and teaching guitar clinics on line, the new frontier of social-media, easy to access for everybody, a tool of immense potential.

Website: www.giolombardi.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Giosart
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/giomusic2008
Numubu: http://www.numubu.com/giolombardi

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Jonathan Edwards

Products used: Rounded Triangle Ultem and Acetal.

“I appreciate Clayton picks for their feel and I love the option of being able to put my logo on them and my website.”

Warm as summer sunshine, real as the truth, intimate as a long overdue visit between old friends … such is a Jonathan Edwards concert. Four decades into a stellar career of uncompromising musical integrity, the man simply delivers, night after night – songs of passion, songs of insight, songs of humor, all rendered in that pure and powerful tenor which, like fine wine, has only grown sweeter with age.

This is one veteran performer who is neither grizzled nor nostalgic. These days Jonathan Edwards, a vital and relevant artist in today’s folk and Americana scenes, is much more likely to be found looking forward rather than back. Still, the journey that has brought him to towns and theaters all over the globe—perhaps one near you tonight – is well worth revisiting.

For Baby Jonathan that journey began in Minnesota, where Jonathan spent the first six years of his life before his father’s government job brought the family to Virginia. It was there that young Jon first sang in public – a solo in church at the age of eight – and began experimenting with songs Jonathan, with a furry friend, played by ear on the family piano. On the brink of his teens, after only a few music lessons from the lady next door, he found that he was inclined to do his best learning on his own; in the decades to come, this would prove to be true not only with regard to music but also to life in general. Progressing from piano to guitar because, after all, it was the ’60s, Jonathan began marching to the tunes in his own head rather than the ones dictated by his military school upbringing. “I started on a $29 guitar and immediately started putting a band together, writing songs and learning all the contemporary folk songs of the time,” he recalls. “I just loved it, loved everything about it, loved being in front of people playing music.”

Regardless of music’s siren call, Jonathan made the expected move to college following his graduation from high school, studying painting and art in college in Ohio. But music, a force not to be denied, remained a constant companion. “I started getting electric about the time Dylan did, doing electric folk music. I joined bands by saying, ‘Can I be in your band?’ and they’d ask, ‘What do you play?’ and I’d say, ‘What do you need?’ I’m still that way. I still love to play different instruments. It helps me understand production techniques and performance capabilities.”

Eventually the draw of the music proved stronger than establishment expectations, and Jonathan left college in 1968 to pursue the dream. Selling the car his father had loaned him for school, he bought a van to accommodate his band and headed east to Boston and its happening folk music scene.

Sugar Creek Jonathan and his fellow band mates quickly immersed themselves in that scene, playing over 100 grueling 6/40 gigs per year – six forty-minute sets per night – all over New England. They played cover tunes as well as their own country blues originals; you might have seen them in those days performing as the Headstone Circus or the St. James Doorknob or the Finite Minds. They even recorded an album for Metromedia Records under the name Sugar Creek. (out of print)

Not surprisingly, after a few years Jonathan grew weary of the grind, finding himself drawn more and more to the clean, simple sound of an acoustic guitar. “I just one night said, ‘Hey fellas, this isn’t sounding as good as it could, and I’d like us to sound more intimate.’ I liked the sound of bronze strings on rosewood better than steel strings on magnets, and so I walked out of that club in Vermont, rented myself a van and PA system, and started traveling around the colleges in New England by myself, without gigs, just setting up in the lobbies of dormitories on a Saturday. Pretty soon I started getting a following. People would say, ‘Has that guy been to your dorm yet? That guy just sets up, plugs in and plays all night.’”

Jonathan – seventies performance

Jonathan’s initiative and dedication soon paid off, and he found himself opening for national acts, including the Allman Brothers Band and B. B. King. This exposure attracted the attention of Capricorn Records, and he was placed under contract with them. “We took about a year recording the first album – different times, different studios, different sounds, different techniques,” he recalls. “Recording was so new in ’69 and ’70. There was a song on the album called ‘Please Find Me,’ and for some reason the engineer rolled over it. It got erased. We spent hours looking for it. We fired the engineer and put ‘Sunshine’ in its place.”

Jonathan Edwards

Like most of the songs on the eponymously titled album Jonathan Edwards (1971), “Sunshine” was written shortly after Jonathan left the band. “I felt really fresh, really liberated,” he remembers. “I just went out in the woods every day with my bottle of wine and guitar, sat by a lake near Boston and wrote down all those tunes, day after day.”

A fierce proclamation of protest and independence set to deceptively upbeat music, “Sunshine” resonated with the thousands and thousands of frustrated and angry young men and women of the day. “It was just at the time of the Vietnam War and Nixon. It was looking bad out there. That song meant a lot to a lot of people during that time – especially me,” Jonathan says. It got its start on a Boston radio station and quickly made its way to the top five on the national charts, earning him a gold record in 1971.

“Sunshine” ushered in a sea change in Jonathan’s life and career, sweeping him up in a current of “overnight” success. As Jonathan recalls decades later, “All of a sudden – ’71 – I was a huge celeb for fifteen minutes and riding around in limos … and I was trying my best, trying really hard to keep it at bay, to not take advantage of it, to not be that guy, to be the guy who I was going into that life-changing experience, because I liked myself and I thought what I was doing was right, and so I wanted to sustain who I was. For better or for worse, that was my decision.”

Honky-Tonk Stardust Cowboy Jonathan documented those days and those feelings in the song “That’s What Our Life Is”: “I don’t let it change all the things I believe in.” The song appeared on his second album, Honky-Tonk Stardust Cowboy (1972), and it was not the first (nor would it be the last) time he drew on his life experiences for a song. “The songs I write are about my life … what’s going on in my life, heart and spirit, and mind.”

Cowboy Jonathan

Following the success of “Sunshine,” Jonathan sought a haven from the probing spotlights and noisy cities on a farm in western Massachusetts. In this bucolic setting, inspiration abounded, and the songs for Honky-Tonk Stardust Cowboy almost wrote themselves. Recorded for Atlantic Records, the album featured acoustic, country-inflected songs of love and life and was closely followed by a second Atlantic offering, Have a Good Time for Me (1973). This time around, as a gesture of thanks and appreciation, Jonathan featured songs penned by friends who, in the early years of his career, had been instrumental in his development as an artist.

Today Jonathan says, “It’s never been real important to me who wrote a song … . It’s about the song, the flow of the lyrics, and how the lyrics are married to the chords and the melody and the rhythm. It’s all about that, not so much who wrote it. That’s why, over the course of my recording career, I’ll bet pretty close to fifty percent of the songs on my records have been written by somebody else. And I’m okay with that. People have a problem with that, but I don’t.”

What Jonathan did have a problem with in the three years following the success of “Sunshine” were the demands of the road. The seemingly endless grind of five and six one-nighters a week took its toll, and a life-threatening illness served to bring everything sharply into focus. Jonathan and another canine companionWhile recovering, he decided to abandon his career and relocate to a farm he’d bought in Nova Scotia. “All I wanted to do was be on the farm. [The illness] straightened me out about my priorities regarding life, and I wanted to go back to the land. I wanted to learn how to grow a garden and raise animals, learn to work with horses, be in the woods and streams.”

What direction are we going?

The only problem with this plan was that Jonathan still owed Atlantic nine more albums! He was persuaded to deliver one more recording before heading north, so 1974 saw the release of Lucky Day, an album recorded live at the Garage in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The title track conveyed the sense of joy and liberation he felt about his upcoming move.

Nine months later, as had happened during his college days years earlier, Farmer Edwards was again discovering that his music was a demanding lover, one not to be ignored, subordinated, or abandoned. So when old friend Emmylou Harris called and invited him to come to Los Angeles to provide backing vocals for her Elite Hotel recording, he caught a flight and showed up the next day. “She called me out of the blue and said that she was doing a record in L.A. with her husband/producer Brian Ahern and wanted me to come down. She said that she heard my voice on a couple of songs.”

Rockin’ Chair Jonathan’s resulting relationship with Ahern led to a production deal with Warner Brothers and two critically acclaimed albums, Rockin’ Chair (1976) and Sailboat (1977), featuring such legendary sidemen as Glen D. Hardin and James Burton. As a result, Nova Scotia saw little of him in the late ’70s. Today he advises young people aspiring to the life of a performing artist to balance personal life and career. Fondly reflecting on his time up north, he recalls the line from “Nova Scotia” that gives voice to the contentment found by striking that balance: “What a friend I am to myself again.”

Jonathan moved back to the U.S. in 1979, living briefly in New Hampshire before relocating to the Appalachian region of Virginia, close to his childhood home. There he became a regular patron of the Birchmere during its Thursday night performances by the Americana/bluegrass group the Seldom Scene. “I’d go down and listen to them. Soon I started sitting in. It started sounding pretty good. So I said, ‘Why don’t we go into the studio and record some of this stuff?’ They said, ‘Man, we were going to ask you.’ Within a week, we were in a studio, recording.”

Blue Ridge The result was 1985’s Blue Ridge, an album that its legions of admirers claim sets the standard for excellence in bluegrass music with its haunting harmonies, superb musicianship, and inspired song choices. “I’m really happy with the way that album turned out,” Jonathan says. “It was an amazing experience because we left the recordings the way they were the day that we recorded them. There was no fixing it the next day or the next week. That was a new experience for me in the studio and very refreshing. It led to a certain spontaneity and immediacy in the music. It was a lot of fun.”

Little Hands, a tender song inspired by the birth of Jonathan’s daughter Grace in 1977 became the title track for his next project. Little Hands: Songs for and About Children (1987), a charming mix of American folk songs and whimsical original compositions, has been honored by the National Library Association as a “Notable Children’s Recording” and remains a top seller in its field to this day.

A chance meeting in Nashville provided the spark for Jonathan’s next career move. Following his immersion in the California country rock scene in the ’70s and his bluegrass work with the Seldom Scene, it seemed inevitable – the natural thing, as it were – for Jonathan to record in Nashville. “I was touring with a Broadway show, Pump Boys and Dinettes, and we performed [the show] in Nashville. All of my old friends got together, including Wendy Waldman, who said that she knew a guy that ‘had the ears of America. He has a studio and access to all of the best players.’ I didn’t write much, but I was able to glean a lot of cool songs from all of my old friends. It turned out to be one of my favorite albums.”

The Natural Thing

That album was, of course, The Natural Thing (1989). “I was crazy about the songs we selected from those great Nashville writers,” Jonathan recalls, “and the acoustic-based production that Wendy and I put together was just a joy to make and to listen to. I count that as one of the best albums I’ve ever been involved with.”

One Day Closer Moving into his third decade on the national stage, Jonathan embraced the challenges of the ’90s by launching his own label, Rising Records. In 1994 he released One Day Closer, his first solo album in five years, and also participated in the “Back to the Future” tour, joining Don McLean, Tom Rush, Jesse Colin Young, Steve Forbert, and Al Stewart and earning rave reviews for his efforts.

Jonathan’s other projects during the ’90s included scoring the 1996 film The Mouse, starring John Savage; producing albums for protégé Cheryl Wheeler; and signing artists like Lisa McCormack and Simon Townshend to his new label. He also released Man in the Moon (1997), which featured several new Edwards originals.

In 1998 Jonathan learned that a bootleg CD featuring the two Warner Brothers albums he had done back in the ’70s had become a huge underground hit in the Netherlands. He contacted promoters there to see if there was any interest in having him come and do some shows, and the answer was a resounding “Yes!” Since then, he has traveled there regularly, much to the delight of enthusiastic audiences who know all the words to his songs, refuse to let him leave the stage, and buy every CD they can get their hands on.

Cruising America’s Waterways The start of the new millennium found Jonathan doing a very different kind of traveling. As host of Cruising America’s Waterways, a pair of 13-week documentary series produced for PBS, he traveled by boat (lots of different ones!) from the Thousand Islands in the northern St. Lawrence River to west of Key West. As host, he says, “I play[ed] music in and out of all of the scenes. At one point, we stopped along the river and did a concert.” A 30-minute video of that concert, Cruising America’s Waterways: The Concert at Sackets Harbor, and a CD featuring music from the series were released in 2001.

Rollin’ Along That year also marked the 30-year anniversary of the release of “Sunshine,” which Jonathan celebrated with characteristic good humor in his First Annual Farewell Tour. As it turned out, the “First Annual” portion of that title proved to be much more prophetic than the “Farewell” part, resulting in the CDs Live in Massachusetts (2006) and Rollin’ Along: Live in Holland (2008).

In addition, 2008 saw the release of a 90-minute documentary of Jonathan’s life and career entitled That’s What Our Life Is. Released by Media Artists, the DVD is available for purchase at shows and here on this web site.

Jonathan can also be seen as the reformist preacher Reverend Perly in the 2009 release The Golden Boys, a film starring David Carradine, Bruce Dern, and Rip Torn and featuring a Jonathan Edwards score.

Jonathan performs with Stuart Schulman and Taylor Armerding ~ Photo by Stephen IdeThese days Jonathan is likely to be found on the road. I’ve been…doing what I do best, which is playing live in front of people. I’ve been concentrating on that and loving it,” he says.

An artist who measures his success by his ability to attract and take good care of an audience for four decades, Jonathan maintains that it is the feedback he receives after his shows that keeps him going. “Sometimes, in our darker moments, we imagine our music not finding receptive ears, unable to reach open hearts. So it is really gratifying to hear [someone say], ‘Your stuff has meant a lot to me over the years.’”

On the verge of his fifth decade in the music business, Jonathan Edwards shows no sign of turning into a “Sit Down Rock and Roll Man.” Upcoming plans include new markets, new audiences, new songs, and a new studio recording. As this barefoot troubadour prepares for the next stage of his journey, you are more than welcome to join him for an evening or two as he continues to make good on that promise he made all the way back in 1971: “Sunshine, come on back another day … I promise you I’ll still be singing.”

—Donna Johnston
July, 2009

Website: http://www.jonathanedwards.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JonathanEdwardsmusic

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfQR724hfoA

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Jim Ledford

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Hailing from a small town in the Hudson Valley, NY. area Jim Ledford has been a professional guitar player and performing musician for over two decades. During his early stage of his career(1980s) was labeled as a very season guitarist. Radio spots were an enjoyable gig for him in the late 80’s and 90’s. During the 1990’s Jim had the pleasure of working with, and recording projects for the audio visual department at the United States Military Academy, West Point NY. He also played warm up for many classic rock acts throughout his career. To name a few would be Foghat, and Three Dog Night. Jim played many venues in the Tri-State area during his longtime career. He has also recorded privately for many professional artists. Jim always contributes time to a limited number of students for private guitar lessons producing fine guitar players on the east coast and NY area.

Fall 0f “09” will also bring something new to the NY music scene. Jim will be slotted in as an instructor at the Garrison Art Center located on the banks the grand Hudson River. Jim has developed his own customized method of teaching guitar with a 100% success rate! He taught guitar at the NY Academy Of Music during the summer rock camp sessions in “07”. Currently Jim is doing audio/video demo work for major industry guitar, effects, amp, speaker, and pickup companies. Jim has full endorsement agreements with ClearTone Strings, Peavey, Electro Harmonix Jim Dunlop/MXR Effects,Cort Guitars,Arbor Guitars,Spencer Guitars,Coffin Cases LLC, Steve Clayton Custom Guitar Picks, and with DiMarzio Pickups. Jim holds a full membership as a song writer with ASCAP.

His new EP/CD was released spring “2012” At the Chiller Theatre event in NJ! The CD will display some great instrumental fusion/progressive guitar work!! Please read one of the fantastic reviews here….Jim Ledford Darker Days CD Review.

Website: http://www.jimledford.net

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Griffin Lotti of Zr. King

Products used: Green Delrin Custom 0.88mm – with the Zr. King logo!

“I’ve been using Steve Clayton picks for years – I discovered the online customizer back in 2008 and placed my first order for specialized picks. To this day, it’s the only way I get ‘em, and I’ve ordered hundreds. The quality is top-notch, the custom printing always looks badass, and the service has never let me down. Fans love ‘em too, and they’re great additions to CD/merch packages or sticker sets. If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it. Just crank it up and rock.”

Griffin Lotti is at the helm of New York City rock outfit Zr. King, contributing both guitar and vocals. Since the band’s official launch at the beginning of 2013, they’ve written and recorded a debut album titled A Potentially Lethal Game of Chance, (released on their own label, Blastcap Records, on 3.11.14), performed local live shows, done several radio programs, and are working on additional appearances, radio play, reviews, videos, and more. With over a dozen new tunes in the works, the group’s sophomore effort is already taking shape. Zr. King channels a diverse mix of their classic progenitors (Led Zeppelin, The Who), mid-nineties mammoths (Alice In Chains, Soundgarden) and contemporary rock monsters (Muse, Queens of the Stone Age) to forge a freight train of anodized rock’n’roll. The light at the end of the tunnel is the Zr. King locomotive express. Griffin has been playing guitar for over two decades, and spent many years in bands performing in the NYC scene and beyond. He is also an avid songwriter, drummer, producer and graphic artist.

Official Site: www.zrking.com
Label Site: www.blastcaprecords.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/zoctorking
Twitter: www.twitter.com/zoctorking
Instagram: @zoctorking

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Lauren Jordan

Products Used: Clayton Custom Guitar Picks

“The quality I love most about Steve Clayton products is all the choices. When I really fell in love was when I started looking for a customizable option. As a style-obsessed musician, I was thrilled knowing I could FULLY customize my pick instead of being subjected to cheap lettering and tired clip art choices. I wanted a pick that not only gave me the sound and grip that I wanted, but was also a reflection of my personality. The black design on the white pearl creates an awesome 3-dimensional effect while the full-bleed allowance makes it look SO posh! I have clear vision of what I’m trying to achieve and Steve Clayton brings that into reality.”

Based in Atlanta, Lauren’s first gig, while still only a teenager, was at her church when they decided to offer a contemporary service. It didn’t take long before the service grew to over a thousand people a week. Soon after, LJ started playing small gigs around town while attending university for Media Production. Eventually, the rehearsal schedule for the church became to large a commitment, so she started playing full time and never looked back! Finding inspiration in Stevie Nicks, Lzzy Hale, and Grace Potter, Lauren has gone on to open for Colin Hay and Pat Dinizio, and has played major events such as the Florida Music Festival and SXSW. LJ is currently performing around the Southeast (both as a solo artist and with her band, LJ3) while producing the video for her first single, “Shadow of a Stranger.”

Website: www.LaurenJordanRocks.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/LaurenJordanRocks
Twitter: www.Twitter.com/LaurenJRocks

Video and Sound Clips:

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Jeffry Don

Products used: White Delrin Standard 1.00mm.

“Over the years I have spent tons of money on my rig always searching for that perfect tone. Something that I was never happy with was my picks. I could get great tone out of some, but they never felt right between my fingers, or I could get a good feel, but the tone was lacking. After trying a Clayton pick for the first time, I was hooked. Fantastic tone- especially when you really dig into the strings. They feel great and never they never slip out of my grip. I would encourage any guitarist to give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.”

Jeffry Don has spent many years on the front line of music. He has played with bands such as TC Fambro and the Copperheads, playing on their debut EP Texas Town, he played with Level of Grace for several years helping them sign a recording contract with Tate Music Group and recorded on their album Wonderful God, which received airplay and rave reviews all over the world. Currently Jeffry Don is working on a new project with the Tyler Steel Band. With their fusion of Red Dirt, Rock, and Blues, the Tyler Steel Band is sure to make waves in the Texas country scene and beyond. They are currently in the studio working on their upcoming album, Come With Me, which should be available by late spring 2014. Be looking for them to play a city near you soon.

Facebook: facebook.com/tylersteelband

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Johnny of Restrayned

Products used: Clayton White and Colored Delrin 1.00mm Pick

“I started using Clayton picks five years ago after looking for a company to make my custom picks. On my first order I was hooked. Not only they beautifully printed, but the picks are extremely durable! I am a very heavy handed guitarist and the Delrin picks don’t wear down nearly as quickly as other brands of picks. They provide me with great tone and attack on the strings with no slip during those long, hot sets, and are just hands down fantastic picks. Other brands just don’t compare, so I’m sticking with Clayton!”

Restrayned is a Hard Rock/Melodic Metal band from Northern California. Taking influences from both classic and modern bands to create their sound, Restrayned has been dubbed “Classic Modern”. Restrayned features a thundering rhythm section and heavy driving guitars topped with soaring vocal melodies and harmonies.

They have supported bands like Trapt, Y&T, Lynch Mob, Loudness and more. The full length CD “A Dark New Day” is currently available on iTunes and Amazon.com and has recently been named SR Rocks.com’s “ALBUM OF THE YEAR” for 2012. Their Song “Remember” (from the 2010 self-titled 5 song EP) was named “2011 Song of the Year” at SRRocks.com.

Website: http://www.restrayned.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Restrayned
Twitter: http://twitter.com/RestraynedBand
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/Restrayned

Song Links:
Breaking Down: https://soundcloud.com/restrayned/breaking-down-by-restrayned
Some Will Be Saved: https://soundcloud.com/restrayned/some-will-be-saved-by
Rescue Me: https://soundcloud.com/restrayned/rescue-me-by-restrayned

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Jamey Geston

Products used: Clayton custom picks

“I’ve been using Clayton picks for four years and I love them. They never seem to break and I even have a couple from four years ago still going strong! They’re really cool because they are like tiny little business cards, and everyone will always love getting them.”

Southern California rising teen singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jamey Geston has been performing at festivals and showcases from Southern California to Arizona for the past seven years. Jamey plays several different instruments to include the guitar: acoustic, electric, bass, ukulele, piano and learning mandolin. Jamey is no stranger to performing as she starting singing in front of an audience at age four, singing at farmers market at age six, and picked up guitar at the age eight.

Though it’s hard to describe her music, it best resembles a folksy feel with a kick of indie-pop, “I’m really inspired by a lot of British artists and bands because a lot of them seem to know how to phrase things well, so poetic and lovely. I enjoy Birdy, Bon Iver, and Gabrielle Aplin , I take in a lot from artists like them, lyrically. I tend to do my own thing musically, however, if I had to pick and choose who I find my music to resemble and inspire me the most, I would definitely say my music reflects traces of Gabrielle Aplin, Regina Spektor, and even a bit of a throwback to the 60s with Joni Mitchell.” Other music influences are NeverShoutNever, Mumford and Sons, Ed Sheeran, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros. In her short career, Jamey has accomplished quite a bit for someone of her age: Opened for the Legendary Folksinger, Judy Collins, ‘First Lady of Woodstock,’ Melanie Safka (Brand New Key), Nathan McEuen and Leroy Lee Australian Songsmith), shared the stage with Jeff Bridges Kenny Loggins and Will Champlin (The Voice.) She was a featured artist in Emmy Winning, BackBeat Music Magazine TV Segment and Guitar It Up for Girls Magazine She received rave reviews and had the honor of being the youngest and only solo artist to debut on the new Grand Plaza Stage at the annual National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA in January of 2013. This past fall she played a benefit concert with headlining bands Iration and Rebelution, was finalist in SB Independent 2013 Downtown Sounds Battle of the Bands solo artist against five all male bands), featured artist in The 2013 Santa Barbara Band Guide – “The 805’s Next Great Music Maker” As far as what she is working on, “I’ve been writing lots of songs and I’ve started preparation for recording. Hopefully early Winter 2014 an EP will be in progress or even complete! I’m really excited because I feel like my sound is maturing and I can’t wait till I can share it with everyone who supports me!”

Website: www.JameyGestonMusic.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JameysMusic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JameyGestonMusic?fref=ts
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/JameyGestonMusic?feature=mhee

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Hour Eleven

Products used: Sean uses Clayton Custom Black Celluloid, Standard, Medium gauge.

“Clayton picks have been my picks of choice for over 20+ years! When it comes to having that security of long lasting and durable picks, I can count on Steve Clayton Picks!”

Metal band, Hour Eleven, was formed officially spring time of 2010 in Riverside, CA. The many musical influences from the four members helped Hour Eleven create the style and sound they were looking for and can now call their own. There were several member changes through the first year; Hour Eleven’s current
members are Dan Daniels (Vocals, Guitars), Sean Silas (Guitars, Vocals), Marcus Santos (Bass) and Joseph Estrada (Drums).

After establishing the current lineup; Hour Eleven released their 5 song EP “All it was a Memory” and on April 29, 2013 the band released their self-titled debut album “Hour Eleven”. Hour Eleven opened up for Sevendust at The Yost Theater in 2011, recorded with legendary guitarist Phil Collen of ”Def Leppard” in 2012; for the band’s debut album and signed with TMG records in 2013. Hour Eleven has headlined at The Glasshouse, Fender Museum, performed at numerous venues such as Anaheim’s House of Blues, The Whisky a Go-Go and in 2012, Hour Eleven’s EP charted in the top 50 for 6 consecutive months on the Reverbnation
Rock Top 200 chart.

Since joining together, Hour Eleven has sold over 3,000 units, via their website and live performances throughout California. The group’s fan-base consists of over 17,000+ fans strong worldwide; with several of these fans being active members that distribute flyers, stickers and CD samplers. Hour Elevens’ current draw is about 200 people locally and continues to grow.
– Examiner.com, April 13, 2013

“Thank God or whomever/whatever you believe in, Great Music is still alive and it can be found in the new full length album (13 total tracks) by Hour Eleven. I have seen Hour Eleven live and was thoroughly impressed. Even better, I saw them perform in a small venue where many bands fail to give 100% due to lack of attendance or venue prestige. They played that lil’ dive bar like it was a stadium and earned my respect from that day forward”.

Website: www.hour11.net
ReverbNation: www.reverbnation.com/hour11

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Lauren Stockner

Products used: Ultem Standard .80 and I’m going to say the Ultem 1.2 as well because my next custom order is going to be for that gauge.

“One day during some down time at a rehearsal, the production manager I was working with insisted I try his Steve Clayton Ultem .80mm guitar pick. I was surprised by how flexible it was, yet that aspect didn’t work against me while playing faster riffs. The production manager guarded his Clayton picks with his life, so I had to order a pack for myself and now it’s all I use!”

Lauren Stockner is a Brooklyn based guitarist and bassist with over 15 years of experience playing guitar and 4 years of experience playing bass under her belt. Lauren plays all styles of music with a focus on rock, blues, classic rock, and pop. Her main guitar influences are Dean Deleo, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Jerry Cantrell, John Frusciante, Jeff Beck, Mike Einziger, and George Harrison while her bass influences include John Paul Jones, Robert Deleo, and Paul McCartney.

A graduate of the Berklee College of Music and a native New Yorker, Lauren is heavily involved in the New York City rock scene. Aside from freelancing on both guitar and bass, she performs regularly on guitar with the Brooklyn based rock bands The Spanish Channel, The Inns, and Mancie.

Currently Lauren tours nationally and internationally – from Los Angeles to New Zealand – with Interscope/Universal pop singer Natalia Kills.

Official website: www.laurenstockner.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lstock
Twitter: www.twitter.com/lstockner
Instagram: @lstockner

Videos / Sound Clips:

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Josh Phillips

Products used: Clayton Custom White Delrin .8 Guitar Picks

“I use Clayton Picks because they’re simply the best. The white delrin fits perfect in your hand, doesn’t slip, and not to mention; if you misplace picks as much as I do, the white is easy to find on stage! Great picks, great people, and great service is what makes Clayton the best!”

When the two things you excel at in life happen to be great American pastimes, odds are pretty good great things are coming your way. North Carolina’s Josh Phillips embraced the blessings of what he loves to do and sure enough the guy is making good on his gifts.

Born and raised on a 25-acre farm in the small town of Sanford, playing baseball was Josh’s first love. At fifteen he was invited to attend Atlanta Braves training camps. As one of the youngest recruits in talks with the legendary team there’s no doubt Josh was being groomed to become a star outfielder. He played for North Carolina’s Pfeiffer University and Pitt Community College until knee injuries took him out of the game completely.

When his cleats and glove were put away for good, Josh was searching for direction. On a dare he posted his first song “Blessings” on YouTube. If at least 500 people watched it within the first 24 hours, he’d agree to continue. Six hundred people viewed “Blessings” within the first 12 hours and Josh set out in a whole new direction.

Described as urban country with a hip hop delivery, Josh says his goal is to create music that offers something new. “This isn’t straight ahead country, or another southern rock sound. I don’t see myself blending in, when I want to create music that stands out.

“Garth Brooks, George Strait, and Hank Williams, Jr. have influenced what I do. AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Three Doors Down are what I like in rock music. Listening to Eminem was forbidden when I was growing up, but there’s so much passion in his music, I listened anyway. The level of angst and distress he communicates is fuller and more intense than other mainstream artists I was drawn to.“

Just before he turned 21 Josh won the 2012 Lee County Fair Battle of the Bands out of dozens and dozens of submissions in a regional call to artists. The top 20 bands were selected and Josh took home the prize. His crossover appeal hits a broad range of influence from various lifestyles. The demographic base ranges from young women to jocks, car enthusiasts and the Harley Davidson crowd are among his fans and friends, and he’s just getting started.

Josh is proud to be endorsed by Breedlove Guitars (www.breedlovemusic.com) and Clayton Picks (www.steveclayton.com).

Josh has had the opportunity to open for acts such as Brian Davis, Old Southern Moonshine Revival, Craig Morgan, Tyler Farr, Parmalee and many more across the South East. He has 1,2, and 3 hour sets full of all the hits from Hank Jr., Steve Earle, Lynard Skynard, Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, and even some 3 doors down and Queen as well as dance medleys for the dance crowd. His cover to original ratio is around 60:40 because more and more people are becoming very familiar with his singles “Home” and “Love Song”. With many fans and venues played in NC, SC, GA, AL, TN, and the surrounding states, he’s sure to bring a crowd wherever he goes. With almost 5,000 followers on his Twitter (that’s only been up for 6 months) and with almost 5,000 on his FB Fan Page (Also only been up for 6 months/No sponsored ads or purchased advertisements like most do), Josh definitely has a great fan base. He is constantly requested back at every venue he plays and he would love to have you follow him his journey!

Website: www.joshphillipsmusic.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Josh-Phillips/338304302869956
Twitter: twitter.com/JoshPhillipsMsc

Live Videos:
Fun Taylor Swift “Trouble” cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrytBFno01o&feature=youtu.be
“Letting Go” Original at Farm Fest with Craig Morgan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FE7ygEd5lw0

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George Becker of JADED PAST

Products used: Clayton Colored Custom Delrin Picks

“Great Quality , Great Service , Look and Feel Great!!”

George Becker, Lead Singer/Guitarist/Front Man and creative force behind the rock band “Jaded Past” got his start in music the old fashioned way…with the lure of bright lights and shady women.

Since his high school days George has grown and maintained a reputation as a skilled songwriter and a dynamic front man. George credits his influences to bands like T-Rex, The New York Dolls, Kiss and Bon Jovi, along with a heavy dose of Steven Tyler.

Honing his craft in the bands “Hex” and “Rat Salad” he became well known for his wicked charm and stellar vocals, becoming an icon and consistent draw on the local NJ / NY music scene. In 1985 George exploded onto the national scene with his glam hard rock band “Wicked Sin”. With a pending record deal with Atlantic records, their reputation grew all along the east coast for their sold out live shows and notorious backstage exploits. Creative differences and internal turmoil led to Georges departure and re-emergence as a solo artist, singer and front man for several “A” list cover bands most recently “If 6Was 9” and “10 Minute Lincoln”

In November 2011 a new chapter began with the emergence of “Jaded Past”. A mainstream, original rock band, with a high energy live show, has been tearing up the scene with a sound reminiscent of Bret Michaels, Motley Crue and early Aerosmith.

A self titled debut album Jaded Past was released in early 2012 and was co-produced by Steve Brown of “Trixter”. The album features the songs “One Step Closer”, “Taken”, “Traces” and the current single “Hurt”, which have become crowd favorites and have earned huge viewership on YouTube.

Website: www.jadedpast.com


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