Custom Guitar Picks

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These are some really nice designs that we have received from our customers lately that utilize the colors black, white, and red. We find that this trio can make for some really nice art since the colors compliment each other so well. Shown here are three acetal picks and a white delrin. The  white delrin pick sports a school mascot, so the colors of the school are already black and red and they pop really well against the bright white of the picks. It just goes to show that custom picks can be used for anything, even to show school spirit!! We wanted to draw some extra attention to the pick with a checkerboard pattern on it. This is a great use of our overbleed option for custom design, and we love how they turned out. It is a double sided printing, with just a subtle design change between the front and the back that adds some interest to the art. Thanks Clayton customers, for giving us such great designs to work with! Try out your black, red and white design on our custom site today!

White Delrins And Their Colorful Designs

Now is the time to let your color shine with our white delrin guitar picks.  The white delrin picks provide

that extra charge for your color.  In this photo you’ll find the pink, orange, and green colors are really getting all of the attention in these designs.  We have mentioned the white pearls also bring out bright colors well, but the white delrins can be another great option.  If your wondering if artist enjoy to play with these, just ask our endorsed artist Eric Church.  He uses our white delrins and has used them ever since he started playing the guitar.  So bring your colorful ideas to our designer and start making your custom picks today!

Happy Birthday Steve!

Yesterday, June 16, was a special day here at Steve Clayton, Inc. Steve celebrated his 60th birthday!! And what better way to celebrate than with custom picks? The staff here surprised Steve with a decadent chocolate cake, decorated with candles and some custom birthday guitar picks made especially for the occasion! The picks were our green delrin material, imprinted fondly with the text “Happy Birthday Steve!! 2010.”  The picks made a great decoration, as they were very easy to stick in the frosting on the edge of the cake to add some flare. This is a great example of how custom picks can be used for anything, even birthday parties! So here’s to you, Steve, for being the founder of this amazing company, and we wish you all the best for this year. Happy Birthday! To design your own custom birthday picks: Clayton Custom

Pick of the Week – Still Within

This week we selected a really creative pick by the band Still Within. We selected this pick because we loved how they used their logo to fit perfectly into the shape of the guitar pick. Still Within is a Canadian Pop band that has topped the Reverb Nation charts at #1 in capital of northern BC. Their music delivers the newest mix of pop rock and song writing ingenuity. Please read more of their bio below: 

“These talented individuals have acquired a long line of touring experience sharing stages with some of Canada’s top signed rock artists.  Over their musical careers they have accumulated a wide variety of influences and originality to mould their music into a distinct dimension of euphoria. Andrew Arsenault, founder and forefather of the band “Still Within” that just recently released a CD titled “See the Signs” takes hold of his voice and guitar to conjure riffs that hypnotize and obfuscate the listener. Chad Armstrong, previous drummer of “Texas Blood Money” brings his dual-wielding hands into the fray with the promise of heart stopping strikes and unwavering precision. Dan Sittler, previously with the touring band “Offset” carries a wisdom of keys and polished guitar tones that defy his age on every account; the prodigal son. Nick Grubjesic, The bassist that previously played with “Soul Side In” loads the gun once again to show the fire that burns within his own soul.”

To read more please visit their websites:

On a Wing and a Pick

Shown in this post are some designs that have come in recently that we really admire! It is always a popular option to put a guitar image on a custom guitar pick. They can be guitar photos, sketches of guitars, flaming guitars, etc. Now we have noticed a popularity with guitars that have wings! This is a great way to add a little bit of extra graphic appeal to a new pick design. Also, the generic shape that occurs from a guitar with wings added is a similar shape as a standard pick, so this type of design works especially well with the space that is provided in our custom pick design interface at In case you are curious, all of the picks shown here are on acetal picks. Acetals were a great choice for these customers to support the design detail and lighter colors. So try out your own guitar with wings graphic, and let your pick design take flight!!

Fans Screaming For Steve Clayton Picks!

We just wanted to show you what the fans think about our Steve Clayton Picks.  Music Makes Music shows why artists and fans can both enjoy our custom guitar picks.  If you would like your fans to have the same reaction for your picks I’d suggest you get your rockstar Steve Clayton custom guitar picks.  Photos, clip art, text, and all artwork can all be placed on our custom picks. Just go to steve clayton custom guitar picks and start your design today.

Make sure to stop by and support our friends at Music Makes Music.  This is a great program to get students involved with music to help them stay in school and graduate.  This video was taken at one of their shows.  The necklace was made for them also.  If you would like to have necklaces with your picks just give our customer service a call at 877.752.9484.

Text Only: The less-than-100 option

Sometimes, visitors to our custom website are curious to know if there is anyway to get custom picks made in a set of less than 100 picks, because 100 is the minimum quantity for most of our custom orders. But the answer is yes! We offer text-only picks as an option for those customers who are not ready to order 100 picks yet. Text-only picks are made on our colored delrin material. The only stipulations are that they come in standard shape only, and cannot have any graphics in the design. They are available in each of the colors of delrin that we normally offer: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. This is also a great option for party picks, especially if you want a variety of colors. You may order a set of 30 for $24.99 or a set of 60 for $32.99. Visit our custom website today to design your own text-only picks!

Victory By Revenge

This week we have selected a very creative and colorful guitar pick from a band called Victory By Revenge We selected this custom guitar pick, because we loved the vintage colors and worn look. It was printed on our Acetal material and it turned out great.  Below is their Bio from their myspace page:

“Formed in 2006 as underclassmen in high school, Victory By Revenge are five friends from Howard County, Maryland who radiate positivity through their music as well as in their everyday lives. The boys are now newcomers to the college life but their love for touring has them chomping at the bit for semesters to end and their love affair with the road to commence. Releasing their first EP, First Date Mistakes, in November of 2008, it took VBR some time to find their sound but since then they have accomplished so much because of their hands-on, persistent, and “go get ‘em” attitude. Their sugary sweet hooks about parties and high school will have you singing into the closest hairbrush for days.  To read more check out their Myspace Page at:

To Design your own custom guitar pick, please visit our website: Clayton Custom Guitar Picks

Rock Out with Custom Picks

We always like to take time to show off the cool designs that we produce for our custom picks, and here is a new collection! It is safe to say that many of the customers who order our custom picks have a passion for music, and we liked these designs because they managed to incorporate different types of musical equipment in their art. As you can see, we have a microphone, a speaker, headphones, and a boom-box…all designs submitted to us recently. These pieces of equipment are all things that help to feed our love for music, so why not put them on a guitar pick? If you are interested in what type of picks are shown here, we have a standard white delrin (the microphone pick), a rounded triangle ultem (speaker) and two acetal picks. All of the materials work very well with the designs created for them. To try out your design, visit our custom guitar pick website today!

Cool and White

Are you looking for a simple custom pick with a lot of design possibilities? Then give our white delrin picks a try! White delrins are one of the less-expensive materials that we offer for custom pick design, starting at just $39 for 100 picks!  They can be a great choice, whether you are a musician wanting to rock out with personal picks, or if you work for a company that wants a new promotion idea. White delrins are the picks that we generally recommend for two-sided designs, especially if the design has more than one color in it. Shown here are some examples of some great white delrin designs that we have produced recently. These picks work especially well with designs that are bold and bright. White delrin picks are available in three different gauges according to your preference: .8mm, 1mm, and 1.26mm. Log on to Clayton Custom Guitar Picks today to design your white delrin pick.

Pick of the Week, El Cheapo

El Cheapo is a rock & roll cover band from Atlanta, GA fronted by “Stuff You Should Know” podcast host Chuck Bryant. They’ve been known to tear apart a basement or two and wake the neighbors in the name of a good time. After years of working day jobs, getting married and having babies, the band formed in 2007 under the original name The Cox Project. After toiling away for a year without a rhythm section, lead guitarist Eddie Cooper, bassist Chris Cox and Bryant landed a score in drummer Jim Issa, and El Cheapo was born.

The guys use Fender and Gibson guitars and amps, and Tama drums. Their original Steve Clayton pick was inspired by their loud, fast and nasty brand of rock & roll, and love of cheap beer. They can be found in various basements playing for their pet dogs, or rocking the house of 40th birthday parties around Atlanta.

Rock Star Lesson On Custom Guitar Picks!

Every rock star needs their own custom guitar picks!  The Tone King has put together an amazing video that shows you how to place a custom guitar pick order through our website  His demonstration shows how fun and simple it is to get your custom guitar picks.  In the video you’ll find the step-by-step process it takes to create these rock star picks.  If you would like to show your friends how to place an order this is the blog to bring them to.  Just tell them to go to and become a rock star today!  To get the ultimate reviews on gear and more info about The Tone King just visit his website

Love your Picks

We receive a lot of designs for custom picks that are music-related, but today we wanted to show some designs that combine the love for guitar with another passion. You can put anything that you have an interest in on a guitar pick, whether it be your awesome pet, your soccer craze, or your favorite motorcycle. The picks shown here all happen to be acetal, and the designs look great on them. Picks like these can make perfect gifts for the musician that you know. Don’t forget that Father’s Day is just around the corner. If there is a great dad that you know who plays guitar, and you are unsure of what to get for him, custom picks can be the perfect present! They are practical and personal at the same time. Visit our custom site to create an amazing Dad design today: Clayton Custom Site

Maximize Your Design Space

Here at Clayton, we love to see the different designs that our customers submit to go on our custom guitar picks. Sometimes we notice that people want to include a lot of information on their picks, or they have a design that has a lot of detail and takes up quite a bit of space. We know that guitar picks are small, and sometimes it is hard to cram everything you want into a small space. This is why we wanted to offer a solution to the problem; learn how to maximize your guitar pick design space!! The first move is to choose the rounded triangle shape. Of course, the shape of a pick can be a personal preference for guitarists, but if you are focusing on the design aspect, the rounded triangle picks, like the ones shown here, will definitely give you the most design space. We offer rounded triangle in our acetal, white pearl, ultem, colored delrin, and colored pearl picks. Then, if you want even a little more space, choose the full bleed option in the website designer. This allows your design to run all the way to the edge of the pick, instead of having a border. All three picks shown in the image below are full bleed rounded triangle designs. Visit our custom design site to try out these options with your guitar pick art!

The Lighter Side

When customers are designing custom picks to order from us, we usually advise against light colors because they don’t always print as well as bold, bright designs. However, if you have an awesome design with some lighter shades in it, we definitely recommend our acetal picks. Acetals are white, with a slight opaque quality to them. They are available in eight different gauges ranging from .38 mm to 1.9mm. They are also available in three different shapes; standard, rounded triangle and teardrop. We usually recommend acetal picks for photo designs as well. Because acetals are “grainy” and opaque, they hold light colors and lots of detail better than some of the other picks we offer for custom design. Shown here are some light-colored designs that we are proud of. The cupcake pick in this image was a good alternative to pink delrin, so that it could have a full color design instead of just black. The pick with caricatures on it is for a wedding…the perfect whimsical favor to give to guests! So if you tend to gravitate towards the lighter side when creating your custom pick designs, definitely go for acetal, starting at just $49 for 100 picks!! Design your pick here.

Pick of the Week, Trees on Fire

This week we selected a pick on our Green Delrin pick material, by a group named Trees on Fire. The quintet’s first full-length album Organica connects the dots between rock, dance, roots, and pop music. Recorded in Virginia and Louisiana, Organica takes listeners from the heights of the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains to the buzzing swamps and bayous of the bottom-land. Produced by Rob Evans, Eric Heigle, and Trees on Fire, the exciting original music captured on this recording is only a part of the legacy the band hopes to leave behind.

The band has raised awareness and funds for a number of organizations over its four years in existence, including Sierra Club, Appalachian Voices, Atchafalaya Basinkeeper, Building Goodness Foundation, Climate Ride, Chesapeake Climate Action Network and others. Trees on Fire was voted “Greenest Regional Band” by Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine and had a song featured on Sierra Club’s national website earlier this year. The band will donate 5% of proceeds from its debut album to both Atchafalaya Basinkeeper and Appalachian Voices in an effort to keep their important work moving forward.

What an amazing and inspirational band! Check more out at their website:

White Pearl Picks Demanding To Rock Out

If you want to rock with your music let our white pearls provide the extra energy to your performance.  The white pearl custom guitar picks are a great choice for vibrant colors and colors that need a little extra to make them stand out. If you didn’t notice our pick of the week, from Bon Journey, you’ll see why they chose our pearl clayton guitar picks. The pearl look has been very popular for guitars and guitar picks. Our custom design team has been recommending the white pearl picks for light colors and brighter colors so that they come out well like the picks in the photo. To provide a little extra texture to your design the pearls help making a three dimensional look such like the Hadlock pick with the flames.  If you’d like to become a rockstar be sure to make your picks through our website

Sunny Picks

The sun is finally starting to shine, and we have the perfect summer picks at Steve Clayton! Shown here are our yellow and orange colored delrin guitar picks. The designs in this image are good examples of ones that work well on our colored delrins because they are simple and easy to see, even on the small pick size. Our colored delrins are among the less expensive picks that we offer for custom design. They are also a great material for customers who are interested in ordering less than 100 picks. If you have a design that only has text in it, you can get  a set of 30 custom colored delrin picks for just $24.99!! Keep in mind that the colored delrins have varying gauges to match the different colors. The yellow delrins shown here are .73 gauge, and the orange are .6. All of our gauges and colors are shown on our custom site at especially liked the design shown here for a group called The Flip Flops…what a perfect way to promote the band! So if you are preparing for  a summer rock concert, or just some acoustic outdoor playing, get yourself some bright picks for the season!!

Spotlight Pick Art

Shown here is an example of a design that is so cool that we could not resist showing it off in our blog. These are full bleed, two-sided rounded triangle acetal picks, and we thought that the art was perfect for this type of pick. At Steve Clayton, we are known for being able to produce some pick designs that can be pretty detailed and rich in color, and we  often have customers that submit high quality photos or art that they want to put on a guitar pick. The art for these picks was created by Richard Salcido. He is an artist from San Diego, and his art has been inspired by comic books and graffiti seen on streets and in magazine ads. In the past decade, he has had exhibitions all over the country, and now his art is on Clayton picks! If you would like to have a look at more of his work, you can visit We are always ready to get some more great designs like this to print on custom guitar picks, so if you would like to try out some of your own artwork in our website guitar pick designer, visit!

Pick of the Week, Bon Journey

This week we are featuing an amazing pick done on our white pearl celluloid picks.  This is a multi-color imprint with an overbleed print. It is hard to see in the picture, but we use transparent colors on our pearl picks, so you can still see the pearl pattern behind the ink.  It makes the image look almost like stained glass. This pick is for one of our newly endorsed bands, Bon Journey. Bon Journey is a Bon Jovi, and Journey Tribute band. They are awesome. They even won best of Pittsburgh! To find out more information about Bon Journey visit their website at: Don’t forget to check out a video of them below:

Ultem Picks, #1 In Customer Ratings

The ultem picks are my personal favorite guitar pick to play with.  These picks are great because they provide a good grip and are a strong durable material.  They also provide an appealing transparent look.  Just recently we had mentioned about how on our Musician’s Friend’s website the Steve Clayton ultem standard guitar picks are ranked first in customer ratings.  I personally prefer to play my acoustic guitar with the ultem picks as it provides consistent tone and volume.  Recently I have noticed some excellent art work on our ultem guitar picks as pictured.  If you are ordering your ultem custom picks make sure to let us know what color ink you would like.  It does not cost more to put our red, brown and black ink on the ultem pick.  If you haven’t tried our ultem picks out yet, you are definitely missing out.  Place your order today and have fun with our custom ultem guitar picks!   Just go to and click on clayton custom.


Many of our customers like to put photos on their picks, of friends, family, pets, or themselves. Sometimes, a fun alternative to a photo pick can be a cartoon or black-ink-only version of a face like the picks shown here. Photos can turn out great, but if you are looking for a design that is more simple, or that is in one color only, there is still a way to get your face on a pick! The picks shown here are white delrin, yellow delrin, and acetal. Even though these designs are not full color photos, the facial features are enough to create a unique personalized look. These types of picks can be great for musicians who might want to throw out some picks to their fans during a concert. Or, they can be  for weddings to give out as favors to all the friends and family of the happy couple. The possibilities are endless. Usually customers who choose this option will have black-only for a lithograph look, but there are others that create cartoon-type caricatures of themselves like the pick shown at the bottom of this image. So, if you want to put your favorite face on a pick, visit and have fun!

Win Picks! Discount Ending Soon! More Info On Our Facebook Page!

Musicians, artists, friends, and family be sure to stop by our facebook page this weekend to take advantage of our limited time discount for custom orders!  We have a special discount that will end on 5/10/10 at 11:59pm.  Just go to our facebook page each day to find the special code!

We are also having a special contest where you can win custom guitar picks!  In honoring our facebook launch we will randomly give away a set of 100 custom picks you design at $75 value.  Each week for 2 months we’ll give the winners their set of 100.  Just make sure to become our facebook fans, place your custom order and see if you win.

Here are some ideas for simple designs people have made as shown in the picks below.  Do you have a special occasion coming up soon?  Birthday, wedding, or special event?  Many of our valued customers love to put special dates on our picks and give them as gifts.  Our designer page makes making special occasion picks easy.  Just discover yourself.  Below are some examples of custom guitar picks that were made all from the tools in our designer page.

Dive Deeper into the World of Music and Guitars

At Steve Clayton, guitars and guitar accessories are our specialty, and we like to stay in touch with the world of music that surrounds our business. We are known for high quality picks, and our unique ability to create custom picks for our customers. Two of our favorite sites are and Many people listen to Pandora, and we use the site to keep up with different varieties of music and up-and-coming artists, some of which use our picks! Many popular artists today love to have personalized guitar picks, and Steve Clayton is known for being able to use signatures, logos, photos, etc. to add the personalized effect to your favorite kind of pick. Guitar Tricks is a great resource for all guitarists as a online guitar lesson company. Guitar Tricks adheres to the individual needs of their students through lessons, just as Steve Clayton adheres to the individual needs of customers by providing a variety of top-notch guitar accessories and picks. So power your passion for music and guitars by visiting these sites: and, of course,!

Pick of the Week, Backlife

This week we are featuring a detailed black ink imprint on our White Delrin picks by the band Backlife.  Backlife is a french Power Pop Rock Band that has been together for over 5 years! They released their first album in December 9th called “Life, Death & Rebirth”.  Not only do they peform in their own country, but they have started doing performances in other countries as well.
To find out more about Backlife, check out their myspace page:

Acetal Overbleeds

Recently at Steve Clayton, Inc., we have received really nice designs for our acetal picks. We had a recent blog review of our acetal picks, and the picks shown here are examples of how your favorite pick can work really well with your favorite design! Overbleed, or full bleed picks are simply picks that do not have a border around the edge of the design. Our acetal picks are known for working well with photo designs, because they are grainy and semi-transparent, so they can support designs with lots of color and detail. This means that they can also be a great choice of material for intricate artwork, such as the designs shown in the photo. Even though these designs have a high amount of contrast between dark and light shades, everything is balanced and the art stretches evenly all the way to the edge of the picks. Thanks Clayton customers, for giving us such awesome designs to work with! Try out your art or photo on our picks at

Bright Colors, Black Picks

Black celluloid picks are one of the newer materials that Steve Clayton, Inc. has provided for custom guitar picks. Black celluloids are a smooth material, with a slightly glossy finish. They are available in three gauges; thin (.5), medium (.8), and heavy (1mm).  Most designs created for black celluloid picks are white only, so we decided to draw attention to some of the full color designs that have been created recently. We find that red is another popular choice for designs on black celluloid picks, and bright red stands out really well against the black background. Anything bold and bright will look fantastic on the black picks, such as the Simon Sez picks shown in the image here. Hot pink can also look great to add some flare to a design. Visit to play around with some bright color designs on our black celluloid picks!

Pick of the Week, The Rick Copus Band

This week we are featuring a full color Acetal pick, by the Rick Copus Band.  We loved the shading of the blue and black in this custom guitar pick.

“The Rick Copus Band formed in the summer of 2008. A group of professional musicians working and playing in bands and various worship teams in Bakersfield formed to make this powerful blend of rock and worship music, to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

Rick Copus has been a professional musician since the mid 80’s; after becoming a Christian in 1995, Rick joined his church worship team and began serving the Lord with his music. In 1998 Rick formed a band from the worship team in Bakersfield called Formerly Blue, playing in coffee houses and festivals, the band made a CD(Pickin’ Up The Pieces), and was very popular in Bakersfield until their breakup in 2000.”

Now he has gone on to form The Rick Copus Band. We really like this band, as they are putting their music to good use trying to help people with cerebral palsy. It is through disability life experiences, that Rick, the band, and their families are dedicated to disability ministry. Such a great cause!
Please be sure to find out more about the band at their website is:

Simply glowing!

We wanted to show off some of the recent glow-in-the-dark pick designs that customers have ordered. Glow-in-the-dark picks are still a fairly new item that Steve Clayton, Inc. has provided for custom design, but they are definitely a hit! Glow picks don’t look that much different from other picks at first sight, but all you have to do is put them under a bright light for a couple minutes, and they are sure to stand out at a dark rock concert! Simple designs with thick, bold lines come out best on the glow picks, which is why we chose these three designs as great examples. Each design has a name and an image to give them the personal touch, but they are not overcrowded with detail. So, if  you are thinking about designing some custom glow picks, have a look at the picks shown here to get some ideas! To design custom glow picks: Clayton Custom

Photos On Custom Guitar Picks

Our custom picks have excellent picture quality and we just thought we’d share a couple performers who have chosen to place their photo on our custom picks. We recommend photos to be put on our acetal picks. Customers have used photos for wedding occasions, couples, and band members who are promoting themselves. On the back side of these picks customers will have their signatures, band website, names and dates for weddings or special occasions. These picks here all have the full bleed option taking the image to the edge of the pick that way they are able to fit more on the pick.

The designer is really simple to use to adjust your artwork or photo image. You can zoom in on a particular part of an image, move it around and make it fit just on the guitar pick template. As a suggestion when placing lettering in a photo try to find a spot where the lettering has a solid background so it is legible just like the ones on these picks. If you need help with sizing your photo or getting artwork to fit on the guitar picks please send us your questions at Our custom design team will be happy to help you with any questions you have on an order. You may also call us at 1.877.752.9484 M-F 9am-5pm PST.