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David Leikam

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Products used: Clayton USA custom Acetal picks

“I use Clayton USA custom acetal picks on my NS Design CR6 electric cello and Ibanez electric bass for the perfect action and feel while giving a full timbre to my sonic landscapes.”
— David Leikam, DA5/zBug
“diG your music. Eclectic ain’t the word. Film noir multiverse ethnic blade runner desert world. Love it!”
— Nivek Ogre, ohGr/Skinny Puppy
David Leikam is a San Francisco-based composer-performer and bandleader of the electro-jazz quintet DA5 and industrial jazz unit zBug. Being born with cerebral palsy has affected his body and speech, giving him a distinct view into his creative arts/music process and being largely a self-taught multi-instrumentalist. Since 1988, when he recorded his first solo piano piece while a member/producer of the San Francisco Bay Area improvisational music-based arts collective Friday Night Music (est. 1978, member 1986-1994 and 2000-06); David has carved out a unique largely improvisational sonic voice combining the elements of traditional music theory, audio engineering techniques, and visual architectural design.
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