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Colin Shaw of Run 2 Cover

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Products Used: Clayton custom printed white acetal 1.0 gauge guitar picks.

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Run 2 Cover is a modern pop/rock band from Peoria, Arizona, comprised of Christian Iverson (bass and lead vocals), Brandon Iverson (drums and vocals), and Colin Shaw (guitar and vocals). Their influences include everything from The 1975, and Walk the Moon, to Coldplay and Bruno Mars. Redirecting themselves as a band, Run 2 Cover is currently preparing for the release of their brand new EP, ‘Someday’, which marks an evolution in both their sound, and their performance.”

Personal Artist Bio: “As the guitarist and accompanying vocalist of a newly evolved band, Colin Shaw has had diverse experiences performing and writing music from all different genres and difficulties; hard-hitting shred metal such as Paul Gilbert or Dream Theater, laid back Hendrix-style blues, funky Prince classics, pop-punk such as Blink 182 , and now modern pop/rock. Initially playing cover songs, Colin’s band, Run 2 Cover, now has over three years experience in original music composition, and are nearing the release of their newly recorded EP, ‘Someday’. The release marks a turning point for the group into a new, modern sound.