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Autumns Eyes

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Products Used: Blond Wood, Sheesham Wood, Sleek Bone and Wedge Wood guitar picks.

“Clayton exotic line of guitar picks not only give me the added strength and durability to withstand the heavy music I create, but they also provide such a natural feel almost as if they were hand carved from the woods in my back yard.”

Autumns Eyes is a one man metal band for fans of Halloween and Horror Movies fronted by New England based musician, Daniel Mitchell. He began his journey into sonic therapy in 1999 while recording instrumental songs on a four track recorder. Daniel produced each track by performing drum, bass, keyboard, and guitar parts all on his own, with an instinctive style that would plant the seed for all Autumns Eyes music to come.

After devoting fifteen to Autumns Eyes with nine albums under his belt, Mitchell continues to gain notoriety throughout the heavy metal community. With exciting new ideas on the horizon, the future of Autumns Eyes remains intact. Annual Halloween Costume Contests and a successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign prove Autumns Eyes fan base is not only passionate in their support, but constantly growing as word continues to spread. Now focused and more passionate about music than ever, intense practice, and continued independent production, Autumns Eyes progresses towards a future of immeasurable creative potential.