Artists: A-F

Cole of In Layman Terms

Products Used: Cole loves his custom picks. His favorite is the full-color Acetal with a medium gauge.

“I love my custom Clayton guitar picks! My two band’s names and websites are printed on them and I use them instead of business cards and throw them into the crowd or hand them out when I meet people. I found out that some of the girls at my school and kids that come to our concerts collect all of my different designs. I talk to young kids learning to play guitar and they always ask where I get my cool picks from. That is an awesome feeling!”

Cole and his sister Logan make up the acoustic duo, “In Layman Terms.” They have a passion for the blues and write original, foot-stomping music. Cole and Logan have been making music together for as long as they can remember. Their chilling vocal harmonies and unique use of foot percussion make for a gritty, soulful, and unforgettable performance. Cole has found his niche playing coke bottle slide in standard tuning. He is a proud inductee into The Brotherhood of the Guitar, an elite group of young guitarists from all over the world. Their mother, Sandy Layman, sometimes joins them on drums at their non-acoustic shows. Sandy, Cole, and Logan rehearse and play regularly in their home and collaborate on writing original songs. Music connects them in a way that cannot be expressed with words. They love any opportunity to share their joy with others. To find out more about In Layman Terms, visit their website at: 

Cole also has a band called, “The UnXpected” with his sister and their two best friends, Kevin Marks and Zachary Salsberry. Since they began playing together about a year and a half ago, they have made quite a splash on the local music scene. After just a few short months together, they took home the top prize in a Junior Battle of the Bands contest in Virginia Beach, VA, while competing against some of the best young talent in the Hampton Roads area. Since then, they have played at the NorVa, Jewish Mother, The Hampton Bay Days Festival, The Stockley Gardens Art Festival, The Neptune Festival, Kings Dominion Theme Park, and many other great local clubs and festivals. Last year, they were honored to travel to Memphis, TN, to represent the DC Blues Society in the Youth Showcase at the International Blues Challenge (IBC). They also released a four-song extended play CD and made several local television and radio appearances. Most recently, they were named the “Best Teen Band” of the year for the Veer Magazine Music Awards. To find out more about The UnXpected, visit their website at: