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Mike Pastrana

Products used: Clayton custom white delrin 1mm

“Clayton picks are the base of my tone. The feel is awesome and the tone they produce is fantastic!”

Mike began his musical interest at the age of 13, when he started his studies at the Private Academy of Music Charlie de Jesus, in Puerto Rico. Eventually, he was accepted in the Popular Music Program at the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, where he coursed his undergraduate studies with a concentration on electric guitar. During those years, he was under the tutelage of professor and musician Osvaldo Lopez. Mike pursue his passion for music and for the past ten years he has been recording as well as participating with various renowned national and international artists, such as Tommy Torres (Grammy Award Winner) and various top bands of Puerto Rico. He has also played as a guitarist on TV shows, such as Yo Canto, which seek singers such as American Idol. Mike is currently the guitarist of international artist Pedro Capó and is also part of an instrumental group called PIT7, composed of a variety of talented musicians.



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Tiffany Chan

Products used: Custom 0.73 Derlin Picks and Custom 1.00 Black Celluloid Picks

Clayton’s picks are the best picks I’ve ever used. These picks produce great tone and I feel so comfortable to play with it. I’ll definitely recommend it!

Tiffany Vicky Chan (陳蔚琦) is a 19-year old Hong Kong independent singer/songwriter. She is now a third semester student studying at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA majoring in Songwriting.

As an honors student at Berklee, Tiffany is awarded the Student Achievement Scholarship for the year 2013-14. In addition, the BMI Foundation announced on September 24 that Tiffany has won the third place of the 16th Annual John Lennon Scholarship for her original . Tiffany is so honored to be the first foreign student that won the scholarship. Tiffany has strong passion in music since her early childhood and was admitted to the Junior Music Course of the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts(HKAPA) at 11 on trumpet. Despite being classically trained, Tiffany showed interests in pop music at high school and formed a fusion band with her schoolmates to play pop songs re-arranged by herself.

Determined to become a singer/songwriter, Tiffany formed her own music production company, Electone Music Limited, on her 18th birthday, just months before the release of her debut EP Rockertude in July 2012. Her second EP A Token of Memories was released this August. She is the producer as well as the writer of all the songs in her EPs. Tiffany writes pop rock songs mostly about her personal experiences and dreams. Music videos of her songs could also be viewed on YouTube.

Tiffany has a broad audience base. Her EP has been ranked the Top 100 Canto Pop album for 3 consecutive months on KKBox Taiwan with《夏日悠想》(Summer Song) ranked 14th on the Canto Pop Single chart. Also, Tiffany’s songs have been recommended by Oliver, the CEO of Black Market Music Production and the founder of Taiwan Calling Festival. Her original “How Come” was ranked no. 4 on the Taiwan StreetVoice chart. In Addition, her song《夏日悠想》 MV has more than 8,500 viewership.

This past summer, Tiffany performed in several live gigs including the reputable 2013 Gongliao International Rock Festival in Taiwan, she was the only non-record label Hong Kong singer to perform in the festival. She has also performed in StreetVoice HK The next Big Thing and HK IFPI LiveTube July Concert. She has held two solo live concert in the past two years and has been interviewed by radio stations and print media in Hong Kong, including Commercial Radio HK, Fenghuang URadio, uChannel, Sing Tao Daily, Cosmopolitan Magazine HK, SCMP Young post and the re:spect music magazine.


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Products used: Black celluloid picks – Standard shape, 0.80mm gauge

“We use Black celluloid picks – Standard shape, 0.80mm gauge. We use these picks because they are strong and soft at the same time. For the punch they have on my strings and grip they have on my fingers. They are made of high quality and are very hard, made for hard rock! Thanks specially to Amber and all the team at Clayton!”

The name of the band has its root in the history of the South-West region of Spain. A place full of legends and myths such as the TARTESSIANS, PHOENICIANS and the ATLANTIS. The locality Gaelbah is not consider to be scientifically accepted but it was commonly used centuries ago.

Gaelbah started as a rock band in 2003. For 5 years it was a promising Spanish band. The first line-up was Orlando and José María Bando joining Manuel Carlos Correa, Diego Fernández and Fran Ántunez, and the singer Alejandro Dario Hernán.

After several changes, in 2012 the new Gaelbah was born. They started playing live in September and they won two rock contests in Andalusia and we join the “Hard Rock South Tour” for three months across the Spanish geography.

Closing this year Gaelbah plays in the “Camorock Festival” and in “The Day of the Music” with the band Stingers (Scorpions cover)
At this moment Gaelbah is in studio for the next album.

Line up:

  • José María Bando: rythm guitar and chorus
  • Alejandro Darío Hernán: voice
  • Antonio Moreno: drums
  • Josemi Cassani: lead guitar
  • Diego J. Vazquez: bass guitar and chorus

Official Videoclip:

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Strumming for the Cause

A couple weeks ago, we had the opportunity to make guitar picks to help support a wonderful cause. One of our customers, Justin Jacobs, has a passion for guitars and has recently been working on a very special project…building a guitar that he has christened the 65 Roses Guitar. Jacobs himself was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis at the age of three, and he explains that kids that age have trouble saying “cystic fibrosis” and it ends up being pronounced like “sixty five roses.”

Because Cystic Fibrosis is still non-curable, Jacobs wanted to take action to help find a cure. He has combined his musical passion with his desire for change to come up with the unique idea of building this special guitar to auction off. In addition, he has gotten the signatures of many celebrities who support his cause, and he will be framing those and auctioning them off as well. He is also currently working on a musical line-up for a benefit concert where he’ll auction off the items and collect the funds to donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

560541_426426924144421_826325658_nOur contribution to Justin’s project was to donate custom guitar picks that he can hand out to help spread awareness about his project and what he is trying to accomplish.

To learn more about Justin Jacobs, his story, and the 65 Roses Guitar Project, visit

or check out these articles:

Remember that any contribution helps, even something a simple as clicking “Like” on the 65 Rose Guitar facebook page will help to generate recognition for all of the hard work that Justin is doing to benefit others who have suffered from this terrible condition.

Daybreak Embrace

Products used: White Delrin Custom Guitar picks

“Clayton custom picks are first class in sound, durability and print quality. That’s why we exclusively use them for recording and live shows.”

Formed in 2009, South Florida based band Daybreak Embrace aims to become more than a genre. Though their foundation is firm on energetic Rock, D/E members take pride in being true admirers of all music. Listening you may find they pull influence from many different directions such as Electronic, Alternative, R&B, Progressive, Metal, and more. In 2010, D/E released their first EP, “Tomorrow Awaits”, under the direction of Producer Paul Trust, who also produced “Mercury”, their second EP released in 2013. After two semi-national tours and global sales under the independent label, Capsule Music, D/E has begun to establish themselves as a mainstay in the coming generation of innovative music.

Home Page:



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Products used: Clayton custom printed White Delrin picks – Standard shape, 1mm gauge and Clayton custom printed Black Celluloid picks – Standard shape, 1.00mm gauge

“For me standard shape and 1mm gauge are the best choice. I love 1mm Delrin because it’s a very durable and great for the way I’m playing.
1mm Celluloid picks I’m using when I need little more flexibility for the playing. If you want hard and heavy…get Delrin…If more soft and sweet…get Celluloid.”

Samuli Tuomas Mäkelä is a Finnish autodidact guitarist and composer. He has background in metal, but as a musician, he is versatile across a different musical genres .

He has made a name for himself as a composer of soundtracks within the Finnish independent movie scene and as a composer of Uruguayn TV-series Voces Anonimas with Tamara Picardo.

Samuli is known for touring over the europe and playing live guitar for Slovakian Female Progressive-metal artist Snovonne as well.




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Chuy Michel

Products used: Clayton Custom Delrin guitar picks

“I absolutely love my Steve Clayton Custom Delrin guitar picks! I’ve been using them for years! They feel so comfortable and extremely durable. There the only guitar picks I use on stage and in the studio! “

Jesus “Chuy” Michel is a Los Angeles based guitarist, composer, producer who is currently the lead guitarist for the Latin Alternative group Pastilla (Sony/BMG). He has also worked with some of Latin Americas top artist such as Carlos Baute (Warner), Vampiro (Sony/BMG), and Serralde (Universal). He has done countless national / international tours and played on various albums. Chuy is considered one of the top guitarist in the Latin Alternative/Pop community. Chuy was born June 29 !984 in Los Angeles California to Mexican immigrant parents. He is the oldest of three brothers (his younger brother Ivann is the drummer for Pastilla). His musical journey began at the tender age of 5 when his grandmother brought him an acoustic guitar from vacationing in Mexico. He quickly picked it up and continued to play vigorously. There was always music in the Michel household. Chuy grew up listening to music his parents where fond of such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Rod Stewart, and The Byrds. At the age of 16 Chuy started to perform with various groups throughout the Los Angeles music scene and quickly became recognized as one of the top guitarist in Los Angeles. Eventually he was invited to play with Pastilla(Sony/BMG). With Pastilla, Chuy has played countless concerts throughout the U.S., Latin America and Europe. And has headlined some of Latin Americas most important music festivals such as Vive Latino in Mexico City, Mexico, and The Coors Light Indie Music Fest in Aguadilla Puerto Rico. Chuys participation with Pastilla has resulted in some of the most commercially successful work group has produced including the hit album Amarte. While still a active member of Pastilla, Chuy has collaborated with several national and international touring acts such as Grammy Award winning artist Carlos Baute (Warner), Serralde (Universal), LILO (Universal), Mexican guitar hero and Jaguares/Mana guitarist Vampiro (Sony/BMG) just to name a few.



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New music video from Hip Kitty!

Hip Kitty has just released a new music video, Nothing Left To Burn! Check the video out here. Hip Kitty is Raw, Honest, American ROCK…music that transcends the expected and inspires the masses! For more Hip Kitty visit their Facebook.


Jonathan Barlow

Products used: Ultem, Acetal, and Sleek Bone

“Clayton picks are the best! I’m a classically trained guitarists and perform a wide variety of music on a nylon string guitar. I play both fingerstyle and with picks. I love Clayton picks because they give me the same warm, natural tone that I strive for in my classical technique.”

Jonathan Barlow is an active performer, composer, teacher, and recording artist. He is signed to Azica Records along with guitar luminaries David Leisner and Jason Vieaux. His critically-acclaimed album Massif Trio Plays Schumann, Schubert and Strauss is distributed internationally by Naxos. It can be heard on terrestrial radio and internet radio like Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio. He is endorsed by Godin Guitars and Steve Clayton Guitar Picks. Jonathan is a composer and arranger with works represented by publishing houses in France, England, and the United States. His editions receive global retail distribution and a growing number of distinguished libraries carry his scores including Yale, Juilliard, Cornell, Johns Hopkins, and the Royal College of Music in London. He has contributed to Soundboard: the Journal of the Guitar Foundation of America and is a two-time recipient of the ASCAP Plus Award; a grant given to composers by the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers for “creative contributions to American Music.


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